Wicca Symbol Jewelry Collections

Wicca Jewelry – A Quick Intro

If you love wearing fashionable and unique jewelry, you must have definitely heard about the Wicca symbol jewelry. It is worthy to know and understand your jewelry and thus, you should be aware of the basic info related to the jewelry that you wear. The Wicca symbol came from the Wicca religion which is considered a mix of various religious rules and principles followed across the world. The most important fact about the Wicca jewelry is that it comprises various designs and charms like the Trinity Knot, Moons, Stars, Horned Deities, Charms and many more other ideas. However, most of the designs consist of intertwined shapes. The Wicca range of jewels often includes the pentacles which are disc-shapes that encircle a pentagram (a star with five points).

Wicca Jewelry – Meaning & Symbolism

Though this jewelry is generally connected with magical evocation and acts, it also symbolizes other important meanings and values. The circle that embeds the pentagram is considered a representation of the entire universe. Also, the five points in the pentagram or star depict the five essential elements of life including the spirit, air, water, fire and earth. The interwoven shapes are seen as the ongoing cycles of nature and they strongly convey the message that the flow and act of nature never get stopped and the natural cycles, in all their forms and types, keep going on without getting influenced by any factor.

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