Celtic Cross Jewelry Collection

Celtic cross jewelry – The Early Origins & History

Celtic cross jewelry is believed to be originated in Ireland. However, the aesthetic beauty and unique appearance of the Celtic Crosses soon made them popular, first in Scotland, Wales and England and then, gradually s throughout the world. It is believed that these Crosses were introduced in Ireland even before the advent of Christianity! There are enough pieces of evidence that indicate that the Celtic cross jewelry was introduced in the eighth century. The Celtic Crosses are almost similar to the prevalent Crosses with the only distinguished difference being that the Celtic ones contain a ring also. The base and arms of the Cross join at the central ring in these Crosses. 

Celtic Cross Jewelry – The Associated Meaning and Significance

The Celtic Crosses majorly represent Christianity. However, the symbolism and meaning are not confined to just Christianity. Back in the initial times, the Crosses represented the boundaries of monasteries. At present, the Celtic Cross jewelry mainly represents the love and faith for Jesus Christ as well as for Christianity. The central ring in the Celtic Crosses is seen as the halo of Jesus Christ. The ring is also seen as the love of God which is limitless and profound. Many believers of Celtic Cross jewelry see this ring in the Celtic jewelry as a connection with the entire universe. Symbolizing the Celtic sphere, universal sphere, the halo of Jesus Christ and the endless love of God, the Celtic Cross jewelry chiefly represents the following elements:

  1. •    Balance in life
  2. •    Deep faith
  3. •    Hope
  4. •    Connection
  5. •    Intelligence and enlightenment
  6. •    Life

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The Amalgamation of Fashion & Religion 

When we talk about the most popular religious symbols that have found great importance and love in the world of fashion, the Celtic Cross (Angle Cross), indeed, tops the list! The Celtic Cross Jewelry is a delightful combination of fashion trends as well as faith. Also commonly known as the Crucifix pendant, the Celtic Cross represents one’s faith in Christianity. The Celtic cross silver pendant reminds us about the great and incomparable sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

Today, millions of people love buying angle cross jewelry in form of pure silver crucifix pendants, sterling silver Celtic cross earrings/pendants and handmade shoppee holy cross jewelry. The attraction and demand for this jewelry have grown much more in comparison to the initial years because the jewelry is now believed to invite good luck and fortune in the wearer’s life. 

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  1. •    925 Silver Green Arizona Mojave turquoise Celtic Cross Silver Pendant 

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  3. •    Celtic cross Silver Pendant in Rainbow Moonstone 

  4. •    Abalone Paua Seashell Celtic Cross Pendant 

  5. •    Natural Blue Owyhee Opal 925 Silver Celtic Cross Earrings

  6. •    925 Sterling Silver Natural Green Chalcedony Celtic Cross Pendant

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