Gemstone Jewelry For Itching

Most people think that therapeutic crystals have gained fame recently but these magical rocks have been used for centuries in order to support healing, wellness and even beauty. Healing crystals consist of energy that resonates with the natural vibrations of a human body. Each gemstone is created in a specific way. This means that each of them vibrates differently and has its own exclusive properties. You may not believe this but the mystical energy of therapeutic gemstones also affect the cells of the largest organ of your body- skin.

The minerals found in gemstones have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and are also linked to regenerating, firming and toning. Whether you are suffering from dullness, redness, puffiness or even itchiness (which can be extremely irritating and embarrassing), all of this can be relieved with a little help from the right gemstones. 

The best way to choose the right gemstone for yourself is to follow your intuition. We recommend that you choose the crystal that you are most attracted to. 

Best Crystals For Itching

  1. Amethyst

There is a reason why amethyst gemstone is called the ‘master healer’. It consists of iron which is a crucial mineral for healthy skin. Wearing amethyst jewelry can enhance the delivery of oxygen to cells, encourage cellular regeneration and its anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe itchiness and redness.
  1. Orange Calcite

Calcite gemstone consists of carbonate minerals and a powerful cleanser for energy, which allows it to help in treating a vast range of skin problems like rashes, boils, redness and itching.

You can incorporate these crystals into your beauty regime in endless ways. They can be used in the form of a massager or gemstone jewelry for itching. Make sure that you combine therapeutic gemstones with a medical prescription and not as substitutes. Browse through our collection and pick the right stone for yourself.
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