Gemstone Jewelry For Color Blindness And Color Vision Deficiency

According to the research, 1 out of 200 women and 1 out of 12 men suffer from color blindness worldwide. Even though it is evidently prominent globally, unfortunately, there is no treatment for color blindness. People who suffer from color blindness go through endless difficulties in their daily lives and most of the people who do not have such a problem might not even be aware of it. From basic activities such as preparing food, choosing what to wear and driving, to hampering access to education and career advancements, color blindness has preposterous effects in all aspects of life. Color blindness is usually genetic. 

Use Of Amethyst Gemstone In Treating Color Blindness

Fundamentally, the amethyst gemstone is the ideal crystal that is used for eye-related issues. It is also associated with the third eye chakra as well as the crown chakra. This powerful purple-colored gemstone is also extremely beneficial for protection as well as peaceful vibration. It is used for transforming negative energy into positive energy and back it into the universe. It relieves the stress and calms scattered thinking. Not only this but it also boosts motivation and encourages emotional balance. Apart from its many benefits, wearing amethyst jewelry helps in soothing, relieving and connecting you with a higher level of consciousness. 

Amethyst gemstone has metaphysical energies to treat any disease that is related to insomnia, acne, digestion, infection, nightmares, skin conditions, immune system and last but not least, color blindness. It works like magic by bringing color into the lives of those who cannot see all the colors around them accurately. Nevertheless, amethyst does not heal the issue of color deficiency as a whole but it does help in getting some relief from it.

We believe that there are other crystals as well for color deficiency but amethyst is the most common as well as the most beneficial gemstone jewelry for color blindness/color vision deficiency. It is the most commonly used gemstone by people to get some relief in their deficiency.
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