Top 8 places to shop in Jaipur

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  • Updated On Jan 30, 2023
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Top 8 places to shop in Jaipur

Home to erstwhile royals and imbued with the incredible beauty of ancient architecture and spellbound monuments, Jaipur, the capital of the Indian state called Rajasthan is popularly known as the Pink City. While the place is globally popular for its majestic forts, grand palaces and many other spots that offer an implausible experience to any visitor or tourist, Jaipur is also a wonderful destination for shopping. In fact, it is also referred as an incomparable Paradise for all the Shoppers! Grabbing and taking back home some souvenirs along with cherished memories is never a bad idea when you plan to visit Jaipur. If you believe in the same, just scroll down and find out the Top Eight Places to Shop in Jaipur!

Best Shopping Places in Jaipur

Jaipur provides bustling markets and shopping places that are dotted with a comprehensive range of items. From aesthetic handicraft items, jewelry, traditional footwear, and apparel to tie and dye print bedsheets, puppets, and many more unique things, you get to shop from a rich assortment of products here. Specific places and markets in the Pink City are known for particular products and that’s why, we have created a list based on the same strategy. Read on to find out the specialties of famous markets in Jaipur and acquire knowledge on which things to buy in Jaipur!
  1. Johari Bazaar For Jewelry

Take home the globally popular jewelry! Precious gemstone jewelry, sterling silver handmade jewelry, fashion jewelry, Kundan Meena jewelry and every other famous Indian traditional jewelry item can be shopped at Johari Bazaar.

Timings – This famous Jaipur Market remains open all seven days. You can go shopping at Johari Bazaar between 10 am to 11 pm. 

Exciting Fact –You will get a comprehensive range of jewelry here at a wide range of prices!

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  1. Sireh Deori Bazaar For Street Shopping 

A trip to Jaipur is definitely incomplete without enjoying the fun-filled street shopping. Enjoy the same at Sireh Deori Bazaar which is located opposite the Hawa Mahal – The Palace of Winds. From traditional mojaris (footwear) to colorful attires, handmade puppets, tiny carved boxes to almost all sorts of attractive items, you will get a wide variety of things to buy in Jaipur at this particular Jaipur Market.

Timings – Visit it between 11 am to 11 pm.

Exciting fact – Sireh Deori is famous for its leather items, especially the ones made from camel leather.
  1. Tripolia Bazaar For Bangles

The colorful lac bangles are unique and special bangles that are made exclusively in Rajasthan. Check out the rich range of lac bangles as well as the tie and dye textiles at Tripolia Bazaar. If you crave to get a traditional Jaipuri look, this place will offer all the essential items.

Timings – Go to Tripolia Bazaar between 10 am to 7 pm.

Exciting fact – Get your hands on the most beautiful and exclusive lac jewelry here!
  1. Aravali Bazaar For Home Decor Items

Planning to add a few excellent quality traditional items to your home? Find the perfect and the most catchy home décor items at the Aravali Bazaar. The soft, feather-light Jaipuri Razaai (Quilt), smooth cotton bedsheets with adorable prints, appealing curtains done in famous prints of Jaipur, and many other items will leave you stunned!

Timings – This Jaipur Market remains open on all days except Sundays. The timings are 11 am to 6 pm. 

Exciting fact – Shop fascinating traditional home solutions here! 

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  1. Chandpole Bazaar For Handicrafts

Chandpole Bazaar is also one of the most popular shopping places in Jaipur. If you are a fan of beautiful handicraft showpieces incorporating rich carvings, motifs and other alluring styles, Chandpole Bazaar will provide you with plentiful fascinating choices.

Timings – The market stays open for all days of the week. You can start your shopping at around 11 am. 

 Exciting fact – The wide variety of handicraft items at this market will fill you with delight.
  1. Gaurav Tower For Local Products

Are you looking forward to a variety of things to buy in Jaipur in a beautiful mall that is comfortable and offers a great variety of items? Well, in that case, the Gaurav Tower, popularly known as GT in short will serve the purpose best. 

Timings – Visit this grand mall between 9:30 am to 11 pm.

Exciting fact – While you explore and pick from all sorts of items available here, you can enjoy the famous Jaipur street foods as well as the burgers and pizzas of global brands at this place. 
  1. Kishanpole Bazaar For Textiles

Check out the Kishanpole Bazaar for a variety of rich textiles done in famous Rajasthan prints utilizing traditional techniques. The market is also home to talented artists who are skilled at making beautiful wooden sculptures and showpieces

Timings – The market remains open all seven days of the week and can be visited between 11 o’clock in the morning to 9 o’clock at night.

Exciting fact – Shop rich and aesthetic textiles as well as unique wooden items with exquisite carvings in this market. 

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  1. Bapu Bazaar For All Jaipuri Items

Looking for the best place to do shopping in Jaipur? Visit Bapu Bazaar! It is often mentioned in the first place when someone wants to know about the best place to do shopping in Jaipur! The reason is that Bapu Bazaar provides one of the most comprehensive arrays of items, including traditional Jaipuri salwar suits, Jaipur jewelry, bedsheets, Sanganeri suits, a variety of souvenirs, footwear, and everything that you can imagine! 

Timings – You can start shopping at Bapu Bazaar at around 11 am. The market remains open all seven days of the week.

Exciting fact – At Bapur Bazaar, you get to shop for a wide variety of products. You also get to taste the famous delicious foods of Jaipur. The lively and colorful Bapu Bazaar is dotted with attractive shops painted in the famous pink shade of Jaipur City. 

Get engrossed in a unique shopping experience by visiting the above-mentioned famous markets in Jaipur. The budget-friendly shopping in Jaipur is another alluring feature that you need to experience while visiting the beautiful city of Jaipur!

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