A complete guide for those who love to wear big stone jewelry in various styles

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  • Updated On Jul 27, 2022
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A complete guide for those who love to wear big stone jewelry in various styles

A brief about jewelry styles and stones

We all know that jewelry and stones have a great connection, and these bridge the gap between humans and nature's excellent creativity. Likewise, numerous metals and gems are easy to buy but have different price ranges for each piece. Additionally, you feel a style sensation while having big gemstone jewelry and cocktail rings in your jewelry box. 

Additionally, there are various jewelry styles and metals used to create it. Likewise, big gemstone jewelry, silver big size cocktail rings, shell ornaments, and long gems jewelry have been popular for the last few years. Now, both the genders love to wear the stone, but it differs in design and the gems they select as per the astrology, and we can say according to their birth chart. 

The fine and bold beauty of big gemstone jewelry

We all are aware of the big stone and their lustrous beauty. Additionally, the big gemstone jewelry describes your bold personality, and it depends upon the wearer and how much costly the jewel you can wear? On the other hand, a few pocket-friendly stones are also available, and you can easily purchase and wear them as a ring, pendant, earring, or bracelets specifically. 

Something about big gemstone jewelry

Stone jewelry is a type of jewelry in which precious stones are encrusted to give your look a gleaming finish. Likewise, big gemstone jewelry, whether big or small, real or fake, subtle or statement-making, always elevates your spirits instantly. However, Amethyst, turquoise, opal, and topaz are among the semi-precious stones used in stone jewelry designs, as are artificial stones. This jewel section has long been impressed with its detailed traditional and contemporary designs and superb craftsmanship.

Adds shine and status to your jewelry collection

While a range of colored diamonds is available, ranging from yellow and pink to purple and black, selecting a colored diamond with a basic variety already pricey adds to the cost. Instead of paying a premium, you can choose alternative gemstones to design your jewelry with your favorite hues! 

Popular gemstones come in a wide range of colors, from Amethyst and garnet to sapphire and citrine. Moreover, the finest quality of a popular gemstone is frequently the same price as the lowest quality of a diamond. If you want your rings to illuminate and shine in the brightest shades and are the perfect size for your hands, then big gemstone jewelry is the perfect choice. 

If you choose a diamond for your jewelry, you may have to compromise on a cut, color, clarity, and carat weight or carat because a better quality stone would be too pricey. Besides this, looking for larger stones with more vibrant colors is your personal choice to wear with your outfit. You can also opt for wholesale big gemstone jewelry where you can find variety of big jewelry in many sizes. 

See the fine clarity for the gemstone you buy

Additionally, when you see the collection of big jewelry in many sizes quality and purity is difficult to check with an open eye. It is pure, or impure like-colored gemstone clarity is more challenging than diamond clarity. Further, colored stones don't have an industry-standard grading scale that applies to all of them in the same way that diamonds do. 

On the other hand, other varieties of gemstones are too varied for this method to work. Instead, there is a larger ranking system that divides diamonds into three groups: Moreover, the imperfections and defects of Type I stones are not visible to the human eye, such as -
  1. Type II gems have one or two tiny defects that are apparent.
  2. A noticeable defect is nearly always present in Type III stones.
  3. Although impurities can be found in nearly every colored gemstone, the way they are cut and set can help conceal them. 
  4. Examine your stones from the top-down as though they're already set. 
Who cares what the rest of the stone looks like if you can't notice any defects from here? After all, once it's set in personalized birthstone jewelry, no one else will be able to see it.

Be a fashionista- be a cool chic with big size cocktail rings

Furthermore, a huge cocktail ring with a large center stone and many smaller stones encircling it. Likewise, big-size cocktail rings got their name because women often wore them at cocktail parties when they first became fashionable. 

As discussed, a cocktail ring is a huge, colorful, and prominent piece of jewelry worn on the right hand's middle or fourth finger. Similarly, silver big cocktail rings are also very popular at grand parties. However, these rings are worn to emphasize your style. They can be a topic of conversation, and others will be staring at them. Wearing them requires self-assurance, displaying the ring, and floundering in the attention means to wear silver big size cocktail rings that are very trendy. 

Wear something different- Wear Long gems jewelry

The long gems jewelry is quite similar to the wholesale big gemstone jewelry. Likewise, gemexi.com provides a complete guide for those who love to wear big stone jewelry in various styles, such as big jewelry in many styles, long gems jewelry, etc. The cabochon method is still used in modern gem cutting for opaque, translucent, and certain transparent stones like opal, carbuncle, and so on; however, faceted cutting is usually used for most transparent gems (particularly diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds). 

Moreover, numerous facets are carved in this approach, geometrically arranged to best bring out the beauty of light and color. This is done at the expense of material, usually half or more of the stone, but the gem's value is substantially improved. The brilliant, step, drop, and rose-cut are the most frequent faceted forms. In addition to being cabochon cut, some unfaceted stones are etched with Diamond-tipped high-speed cutting. Further, there are modern tools to style the long stone jewelry. 

However, the eye of the expert cutting team judges the cut's shape, symmetry, size, and depth as the stone is held against the tool. Similarly, gemstones can also be created by fusing multiple smaller stones to form a larger jewel or to design long stone jewelry for you. In brief, you can also explore and order your favorite wholesale gemstone jewelry from the gemexi.com web store at reasonable prices.

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