Silver and Gem Jewelry Exports from Jaipur to Worldwide

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Silver and Gem Jewelry Exports from Jaipur to Worldwide

Jaipur, the royal capital city of Indian state called Rajasthan, is famous for many delightful reasons. Dotted with world-class heritage monuments and buildings, embellished with rich traditions, full of plentiful choices for handicraft items and colorful ethnic attires that enhance your aura, this glorious city has got ‘something for everyone’ in its rich store. Apart from the mentioned reasons, one robust reason why Jaipur is globally recognized is its fabulous jewelry.

Jaipur, popularly known as the pink city, gleams with beauty of compelling jewels! the colorful gems and precious, semi-precious stone of this city are highly popular in the entire world. Featuring discernible designs with immense beauty and grace, the silver and gem jewelry of Jaipur is not confined to India only. The Jaipur jewelry is exported worldwide because of a simple reason. The Jaipur jewelry and gem lovers exist in almost every corner of the world. Especially, the silver and gem jewelry of Jaipur always remains in demand across the world. The jewelry industry of Jaipur employs numerous of people and has emerged as a global industry.

Why Jaipur’s Silver & Gem Jewelry is Coveted Across the Globe?

The richly designed silver jewelry of Jaipur has got unique features. This jewelry is created in various appealing designs. The traditional silver jewelry includes beautiful ethnic patterns that mark age-old beauty and its significance. The silver handmade jewelry is yet another attraction that allures jewelers and customers equally. Apart from the breathtakingly beautiful traditional designs, the silver jewelry of Jaipur also comes in modern contemporary designs. Including the remarkable geometric modern patterns and superb gemstone combinations, the modern silver jewelry of Jaipur is a real delight to look at!

But if you have been thinking that the traditional and modern patterns are the only categories available in this gorgeous silver jewelry, just hold on and think again! The very famous fusion silver jewelry of Jaipur is among the top favorite jewelry for many fashion lovers. Exhibiting the extensive and smooth blend of ethnicity and modernism, this fusion jewelry has its own charm. Be it the traditional style silver jewelry, modern designs or the fusion style, the silver and gem jewelry of Jaipur is exported in wide quantity to different corners of the world.

Another lucid reason behind the constantly growing popularity of gem and silver jewelry of Jaipur is its authenticity. The carefully chosen gemstones and sterling silver are picked from the most authentic sources. The quality and standard of these gemstones and silver ensures absolute excellence and reliability. The various silver jewelry exporters, silver jewelers, silver jewelry wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers always make sure to use the best quality gems and silver before getting them market ready.

Silver jewelry of Jaipur provides you the opportunity of wearing jewelry on an everyday basis. While gold and other jewelry products are quite expensive to buy and need utmost care, the silver jewelry is quite cost effective and hence, can be worn often.

India is One of the Fastest Growing Jewelry Markets in the World

The jewelry industry of India is not confined to a single process. Actually it includes the varied jewelry procedures of sourcing, processing, manufacture and sale of gems as well as jewelry. The jewelry industry of Jaipur also follows all these procedures. The availability of these jewelry processes at a single place also makes for a strong reason why the Jaipur silver and gem jewelry is exported worldwide. The assembling, cutting and polishing of gemstones is done by skillful artisans who are well experienced, talented and creative. The rough is worked upon into beautiful finished stones and jewelry before being exported to other places. Jaipur perfectly plays its role as a gemstone cutting and polishing center and exporting them globally.

Dynamic Jewelry Business since Generations

Today, Jaipur is full of numerous gems and jewelry centers where precious and semi-precious stones are worked upon in a skilful manner. But working with gemstones and creating beautiful jewelry pieces is not a new thing for this heritage city. The jewelry business is running in Jaipur since generations. The various relevant and unique techniques of cutting and polishing gemstones and transforming them into astonishing jewelry are passed on from one generation to other. The jewelry artisans of Jaipur are absolutely dedicated and work passionately to create stunning silver and other forms of jewelry.

Jaipur -A Renowned Hub for Silver & Gem Jewelry Manufacturer and Suppliers

Jaipur provides a wonderful shopping experience to its visitors. In particular, jewelry shopping is an amazing experience in Jaipur as it provides you complete satisfaction. The extensive range of various jewels and availability of numerous jewelry suppliers and manufacturers let anyone buy jewelry in a convenient way. Be it a wholesale order or an ordinary one, buying jewelry from Jaipur is always a beneficial deal for everyone. You can find many reliable jewelry manufacturers, suppliers and jewelry businessmen in Jaipur. Jewelexi is one such name which accomplishes all your jewelry needs in a trustful manner.

Buy Excellent Silver & Gem Jewelry at Jewelexi 

Jewelexi is really a galaxy of gemstones, precious stones, semi-precious stones and all types of jewelry. The one name that can always be trusted upon for excellent quality and authenticity, Jewelexi lets you choose jewelry and gems from its extensive range. Its amazingly beautiful jewelry items include fashion silver jewelry, silver handmade jewelry, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, chains, beads (silver & gemstone) and much more! The creative designs of these jewels embed intricacy and innovation. Authenticity and beauty of Jewelexi jewels has attracted customers worldwide. That’s the reason why, Jewelexi exports its exquisite range of exotic jewels all over the world.

Proving you excellent jewelry in the most reasonable price, the Jewelexi store is indeed another name for excellence! The beautiful and unique colored gems, designs that allure you at the very first site and the mesmerizing range of various jewels are some of the many benefits that you get to experience while shopping at this lovely place!

Fashion Silver Jewelry

The silver jewelry of Jaipur has got varied beautiful designs that please everyone’s taste. The best part of this silver jewelry is that it is easily combined with other gemstones. The fabulous combination of appealing gems and scintillating silver create jewels with flawless beauty! You can pick any desired color or pattern that match your expectation!

Jaipur’s silver handmade jewelry as well as the fashion silver jewelry is quite famous. The fragile fashionable bracelets, pendants with intricate patterns, earrings with unparalleled beauty and yet many more other silver jewelry products of Jaipur are always coveted. The rich patterns of this fashion silver jewelry are completely compatible with modern and ethnic trends. This jewelry can be combined with various attires and can be used on various occasions. Symbolizing elegance, festivity, beauty and fragility, the fashion silver jewelry of Jaipur is always sought after by fashion divas!

Gemstone Enhancement

Before presenting the gemstones in the market or before exporting them, the gemstones go through the enhancement process. There are many gemstones that do not need any enhancement. Yet there are others which have to be enhanced in order to get the desired look. In simple words, gemstone enhancement is the process of enhancing the beauty and feature of any gemstone. This procedure includes various types of techniques. Some of the popular gemstone enhancement techniques include the following:

• Assembled
• Bleaching
• Diffusion
• High Pressure High Temperature
• Coating
• Fissure Filling
• Dyeing
• Heat
• Irradiation
• Impregnation
• Oiling
• Plated
• Stabilization
• Lasering
• Resin Infusion
• Waxing
• Polymerization

Various gemstones require various enhancement techniques as per their characteristics and need. Gemstone enhancement is done with perfection at Jaipur. This process provides a rich final look to any gemstone. Improving the hue, lucidity and durability of the gemstones, the enhancement process is quite essential to enhance the overall appearance of gemstones.

Use of Latest Techniques & Tools

The jewelers, manufacturers and suppliers of Jaipur understand very well that they have to keep pace with modern jewelry techniques and trends in order to preserve the quality, beauty and image of Jaipur jewelry. Therefore, latest techniques and tools are included from time to time. The skilful artisans and their impeccable craftsmanship, when combined with the latest jewelry techniques and tools, give rise to a range of jewelry that is simply irresistible.

Continuous Rise in Demand

The tremendous designs and rich quality of Jaipur silver and gemstone jewelry has made it popular everywhere. The growing jewelry industry of Jaipur has made remarkable progress in the last few years. Exporting its products across the world, the Jaipur jewelry industry is observing a continuous demand for its beautiful and unique jewelry products. This exported jewelry range includes a wide variety of items like polished finished stones, various silver jewelry products and different other forms of jewelry too. The constant rise in demand of these products has also inflated the scale of operations in Jaipur jewelry industry.

Providing stunning intricate designs that represent high standards of quality and reliability, Jaipur has rightly emerged as a superb jewelry manufacturing center and gems’ polishing and cutting center.

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