Get Best Craftsmanship From Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturers

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  • Updated On Jul 26, 2018
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Get Best Craftsmanship From Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturers

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Gold glitters but silver sparkles. Those who love subtle things that have elegance written all over it would know what it is like to love silver. The manner in which silver glimmers and softlyglows leaves a spell on all. Anyone wearing an elegant piece of silver jewelry can easily stand out in a crowd. It is true that gold attracts more adulation but for true fashion connoisseurs, it is silver that is class apart. The best part about silver jewelry is that the metal can be teamed up with fine gemstones – making the jewelry piece spectacular. All that’s need to make this a heavenly deal is skilled labor and contact with the best sterling silver jewelry manufacturers of the world.

How Silver is Used for Jewelry Making

Most people often have the misconception that silver jewelry is made using pure jewelry. No, it isn’t. Pure silver or fine silver is so pure, so fine that it is too soft. With 99.9% silver content, it is impossible to make jewelry using pure silver. That’s the reason sterling silver is used. Sterling silver is actually an alloy where 92.5% is silver and the remaining 7.5% is copper or any other metal (such as zinc or nickel). The mixture of another metal with silver makes it harder and thus perfect for jewelry making.

However one of the common problems with sterling silver jewelry is tarnishing. It is probably one of the main reasons why many people raise their eyebrows on hearing about silver jewelry. Since copper is used to improve the hardness of silver, it runs a high risk of tarnishing. This additional metal easily reacts with oxygen and other materials in the air thus spoiling the look of the jewelry. To counter this condition, the artisans of silver jewelry market in Jaipur plate the sterling silver with a thin layer of pure silver. This improves the shine of the jewelry piece and also protects it from easily reacting with oxygen.

Getting the Best Deal

It takes expertise and fine craftsmanship to use silver for designing jewelry and that’s why it is important that you buy such jewelry pieces form the best manufacturers. It is widely known that Jaipur in India is regarded as the best place to buy fine silver jewelry. Not only is Jaipur a haven for silver jewelry but it is also often informally considered as the gem capital of the world. The explosive combination of sterling silver and gemstones is already known to all and when these two are best made use of in Jaipur, it gives you all the more reasons to know about this place.

Jaipur is known as the Pink City. The capital of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is as much about sterling silver jewelry as it is about grand architectural brilliance. One of most popular tourist destinations in the country, it is regularly thronged by jewelry wholesalers and retailers because the best sterling silver jewelry manufacturers live in Jaipur. One of them is, your perfect choice for handmade artisan jewelry and gemstones guide. You can easily find a wide range of silver jewelry which is adorned with various gemstones from their website. They have tie-ups with the best artisans in Jaipur who have mastered the art of creating beautiful jewelry pieces using sterling silver over generations.

You don’t need to look further in your quest for the best sterling silver jewelry manufacturers! Get in touch with them today and know about the latest trends.

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