What Unique In Half Star Rutile To Buy ?

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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What Unique In Half Star Rutile To Buy ?


Gemstones are among those small precious possessions that mean a lot to us. From giving you a beautiful look and feel to let you enjoy multiple healing benefits, the gemstones are also widely used for the purpose of spiritual healing. There are numerous marvelous gems that occur deep down in the layers of this planet. Well, we are lucky enough as there are highly qualified and efficient people working on the job to mine such precious and special gemstones out. 

One such gemstone is the ‘Half star rutile’. Now, what does this gemstone carries for you and how is it important for you? Well, you will get to know in here. Get yourself ready to feast the beauty of this gem and know its specialties that convince you to buy this fabulous gemstone. 

Availability and presence of half-star rutile  

  • True that these gemstones are present across various places in the world, but in specific, they are mostly found in the metamorphic rock. These have come out many numbers of times along with other rocks.
  • Switzerland and Brazil are well known for the abundance of the rutile gem. As the rutile is found along with other precious ones, their properties are seen in it. Alpine mountain, Langenbach quarry, grisons, vizze valley, Bahia are some of the places wherein the half star rutile is found in large. 

The uniqueness of color and composition of the stone

If you are planning to buy half star rutile stone, you will get wide options to pick from. You can even buy loose half star rutile stone. The rutiles do not in particular exhibit a particular color. The primary color base is the natural metallic and shimmery finish. Apart from the metallic base, the half star rutile is found in different shades of golden yellow, reddish-brown, crystal shine, etc. 

Talking about the transparency of this gem, the half star rutile has crystal-like transparency with star-like projections in the center of the gem body. These projections are more like the hair and hence well known as ‘angel hair’. 

The hardness quotient of this gemstone is another aspect that is worth taking note of. The hardness varies or ranges between 6 to 6.5 making it one of the strongest stones. This scale of hardness of half-star rutile makes it very resistant to any kind of physical damage. 

The uniqueness of Formation: 

The rutile is formed as a result of high heat temperature and pressure in the earth’s crust. The formation of the rutile actually starts when there is the cooling of both the pressure and heat. The spikes like projections inside the rutile are also said to be formed in the process. 

Half star rutile is formed with elements like anatase, titanium dioxide, brookite and so on. Thus, these substances are known to be the primary components of this precious and elegant gemstone. 

Benefits of Half Star Rutile  

Like already told, the half star rutile is simply not known for its beauty alone but also the half star rutile healing properties are also valued a lot. Here, are some of the healing powers of half-star rutile. 

  • Welcome success – Success is one thing that we all crave for. Sadly, sometimes success is not easy to come. Even after considerable hard work, success still seems far away. Okay, you no longer have to worry because the half star rutile is great in attracting success and happiness into life. 
  • Boast to your mood – The happenings around us is one thing that keeps constantly changing moods. Bad moods are something that is hard to keep up with. The rutile will deal with your bad moods for you. 
  • Confidence levels – You keep moving ahead with positivity and confidence in you. The half star rutile enhances the level of confidence in you, in turn making life better to live. 
  • Invite the right person into life – Choosing the right person as the partner is one thing in which you cannot think of taking chances. Hence, the half star rutile guides the person and heart towards the right person and the right vibes. 
  • Emotional strength and physical relaxation – With half star rutile by your side, you will now be able to heal better from any kind of mental agonies that you might be facing. Not only that but it also helps the body in the relaxation process and hence making soul light and happy. 

All these aspects put together to make the half star rutile one of the best precious gemstones ever. Consider the beauty of the colors and benefits of half-star rutile when you step out to shop for one.

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