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Half Star Rutile - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Before we know about Half Star Rutile, it is essential to have the basic knowledge about Rutile itself. 

Rutile is actually the chief ore for the production of Titanium. Rutile is a beautiful mineral which is used for a variety of purposes. It varies in its appearance as well as traits according to the different specimen. Let us first talk about the term Rutile now. Well, this word hails from the Latin term rutilus which means golden red/shimmering. 

The golden hue, as well as red shade, is one of the most beautiful shades depicting a specific stunning phenomenon of the mineral. However, these habits, as well as shades for rutile, can vary largely, as we mentioned before. The mineral can be found in attractive styles, combinations and astonishing forms of crystal. Twinning is one beautiful phenomenon that is found in rutile. Now when rutile displays a unique and rare phenomenon consisting of the formation of crystals grown around a hematite specimen, it is called Star Rutile. No two crystals of rutile can be similar. One specimen of this mineral can contain six or eight twins in a circular pattern. The six twins form a Rutile Star. When such specimen is divided into half to form a cabochon, it is called Half Star Rutile.

Generally, rutile is present as an inclusion (in the form of needles) in other stones like Ruby, Quartz, Sapphire or Tourmaline. These minuscule rutile inclusions give a spectacular inner light to their base gemstone. Some of such optical phenomena include asterism, chatoyancy, etc.   

Healing Properties

Half Star Rutile is believed to contain the following healing properties. Let’s glance through them in detail. 

It maintains energy flow – Using Half Star Rutile, you can stay assured to have the right flow of energy in your body. 

It also gives you the benefits of other crystals – As Rutile is present as an inclusion in other crystals, it brings in the healing properties and other attributes of those crystals too.
It provides mental and physical relaxation – The use of Half Star Rutile can help you achieve peace both on mental as well as physical level. Hence, it is a good option for those people who are disturbed due to some mental or physical reason. It can also be a good solution for people who always remain anxious in different situations of life.

It fortifies your will power – If you feel that you are unable to achieve success in your life because of weak will power, you should take help of Half Star Rutile. It will strengthen your will power and determination so that you work dedicatedly towards your life’s ambitions.

It enhances your mental abilities – Do you feel weak on a mental level. Do you stay much stressed even in the common difficulties of life? If so, you need to improve your mental power and abilities. Let your mental abilities get enhanced with the help of this beautiful and unique looking stone. 

It helps you achieve your life’s goals – Many times people are unable to achieve the goals of their lives even after putting in good efforts. For such cases, this stone works as a blessing as it brings behavioural changes in the user in such a way that he or she starts achieving various objectives of their lives as expected. 

It gives you inspiration to move ahead – Have you ever thought what is the most essential thing to keep moving in life, no matter what? Well, you guessed it right! It is nothing but some pure inspiration. And again, using the half star rutile, you can always find inspiration to keep moving in life. 

It helps you recognize your hidden talents – Many people are gifted with some beautiful talents. But the problem is that they are not able to recognize those talents. Talents are the natural gifts of God. We should use our talent and showcase it as sometimes those talents can become a reason of happiness for others too. Let your hidden talents and skills come up with the help of this lovely stone. It will help you recognize those talents which have been hidden long back.

It uplifts your mood – Add a little joy, thrill and lightness to your mood with the help of this stone. 

It gives confidence – Successful people are also the most confident people. Without confidence we cannot expect success and happiness in our life. Thus, confidence is an essential asset for everyone. Many people stay nervous or disturbed every time because of low confidence level in them. Those who lack confidence can take help of half star rutile as it is believed to boost the confidence in its user. It will let the user believe in his/her power within. Half Star Rutile will make the user realize that he or she has the capability to do the specific task.

It clarifies any sort of doubts and chaos – Many times, all of us get stuck in a confusing state of life. In such situations, we get surrounded by many doubts and become unable to take any decision. Such situations can be handled with ease and wisdom with the help of half Star Rutile. The stone is believed to remove various doubts and bring in clarity so that the person can take decisions in a clear and convincing manner.
It gives you opportunities to meet the right person or partner – Have you been expecting to meet that ‘someone right’ or ‘suitable match’ for your life? If so, you surely need to use the Half Star Rutile. It is widely believed and accepted that the stone has the capability to attract the right match for you. It will also give you the power to recognize those people who can be the right match for you.

It helps improve your relationships – If we have weak and unstable relationships in our personal lives, we stay annoyed at every moment. It also becomes difficult to concentrate on various things. Moreover, our workplace as well as our performance also gets affected indirectly because of weak relationships. On the other hand strong and stable relationships give internal peace and let you focus on other things in life. Hence, if you have been going through lack of stability or strength in your relationships, you should take help of Half Star Rutile. It will give strength and consistency to your relationships making them more and more strong with time. 

Half Star Rutile Facts

Now let us discuss some important facts related to Rutile. 

  • Rutile (when present as inclusions in other crystals) form beautiful structures that look like needles. The stunning metallic shine and the gorgeous structures that look like golden strands of hair make Rutile a coveted option all over the world. The unique hair like structure is also the reason why Rutile is also called Angel Hair.
  • The rutile needles are believed to work as a receiver. They are said to receive messages from Heaven. 
  • The rutilated quartz contains golden needles but sometimes, these needles can also be found on other shades including red, blue, green, black and silver. 
  • If you want to discharge Rutile, you need to make it come in contact with Hematite. The other methods for doing the same include putting rutile under the sun or simply near the other rock crystals. 

Metaphysical Properties

As Half Star Rutile forms from Rutile only, it obviously contains the metaphysical properties of Rutile too. Thus, Half Star Rutile fortifies and ensures the proper energy flow in the body of its user. As it is found in other crystals, it carries along with the metaphysical properties of those crystals too. 

Using Half Star Rutile invites love as well as power in your life. By using this amazing stone, you can observe growth in various areas of life. It is a great option to bring peace and relaxation physically as well as mentally. If you are annoyed with negative vibrations creating hurdles for you, the use of Half Star Rutile will be beneficial. It will remove negativity from your surroundings giving you a peaceful and positive atmosphere. It actually destroys those situations which are responsible for creating negativity. 

If your relationships lack consistency and stability, this stone can help you by fortifying your relationships and making the same, more stable. It is also a wonderful stone for understanding the various other different types of worlds. Use it for plants, animals, other crystals or humans; it will give you surprising reinstating and revitalizing outcome. It is also believed that the continued use of this stone helps slow down the process of aging

Half Star Rutile In News

Half Star Rutile Color

The colors of Rutile can vary at a large extent. Sometimes they can be available in unique metallic or mirror kind of shimmer or sometimes they can be present in the form of sparkling golden needles. The Half Star Rutile contains beautiful shades and dashes of yellow, golden, brown, blue, and grey. 

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