What Makes Tiffany Different From Other Gemstones

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  • Updated On Mar 11, 2020
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What Makes Tiffany Different From Other Gemstones

Soothing the mind and stimulating it at the same time, Tiffany is a stone where gazing into the fine cross-section of it is like a spiritual journey in itself. The lavender and violet swirls, the black and silver veins and for that matter the gold intrusions in some pieces, all contribute to a treat to the eye. Sometimes it is like a heavenly shaded universe, sometimes like a creek bed meandering the mountains, the loose tiffany gemstone simply invites you to explore and feel the powers of it.
Tiffany is an extremely rare and valuable stone as it is found in only one place of earth, the Brush Wellman Beryllium Mine in the Topaz-Spor Mountains of Juab County in western Utah, USA. The Bertrandite, the principal mineral for Beryllium content is mined here. Then in the refining plant beryllium is processed and in this process of extracting Beryllium ore, some few pieces of Tiffany survive. This rarity is the reason for tiffany being so expensive. 
Tiffany is a lovely stone with light-hearted freedom that can be used for meditation, connecting spiritual realms, finding creative inspiration or for just being in the moment. It is ideal for releasing stress and for inducing the positive flow of energy. It balances the crown and higher crown chakra. The tiffany is a high-vibrational energizing stone whose soft frequency nurtures the mind as well as enhances the metaphysical abilities.  Well, the benefits of Tiffany are numerous.

Physical healing: With high Fluorite content, tiffany stone is believed to strengthen the bones and ligaments. It is beneficial for tendonitis, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. It also helps in fighting allergies, infections, cough, problems of skin and in keeping the respiratory tract intact. The stone is good to regulate reproduction and sexual functions. 
Emotional healing: Tiffany stone awesomely supports the emotional state. It alleviates blockages, clarifies thought and helps the person to be more open and receptive to others as well as to changes. It gives you the courage to speak up your feelings, it relieves tensions and worries from the past and it brings joyous vibes to the present. 
Spiritual healing: Tiffany channels a very calming, spiritual vibe. It encourages one to follow one’s path and thereby support the soul in the journey of the quest. Loose tiffany stone is a beautiful vehicle for spirit, it is exceptional for communication and interpretation of physically received information. The endless pattern and color flow of tiffany stone make it an ideal tool for meditation. It supports astral travel and expands psychic abilities. 
Tiffany is a very good stone for decluttering one’s life. It not simplifies one’s physical environment but also recognizes and releases emotional baggage too. It serves you for your own good, encourages freedom and ease and helps you live joyously. Tiffany is a very good stone who is looking for support in their academic study. Also, it holds abilities to enhance intuition and to clarify the meaning and purpose of your existence. If you are a Gemini, Tiffany is the birthstone for you. It is also known by name of Opalized Fluorite, purple passion, ice cream opal, and bertrandite. 
On the Moh’s scale of hardness, Tiffany ranges between 4 to 7 depending on the concentration of minerals. So ya, this stone is also in demand in the form of jewelry. The tiffany pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, all look gorgeous when adorned with the right attire. These tiffany silver jewelry not only up to your fashion game but also heals you on different levels.

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