Complete Guide To Chrysocolla Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Mar 18, 2020
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Complete Guide To Chrysocolla Gemstone


Would you really like to possess a stone that has an expenditure of one but the benefits of many? Well, Chrysocolla Gemstone is like one. First and foremost, it is a stone of communication. It is a stone of empowerment of the feminine energies. It is a stone of forgiveness, peace, and for strengthening the emotional bonds. It brings prosperity, encourages compassion and what not? Truly, it is a magical stone.
It is said those who resonate with this stone feel enduring energies rising within them. It is regarded as a stone of Goddess. The name Chrysocolla has been derived from the Greek word ‘Christs’ which means gold and ‘Kolla’ which means glue. Together the word has a meaning gold glue. It is commonly found in countries like Israel, the Unites States, Chile, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Arizona, Utah, England, and New Mexico.
The benefits of chrysocolla are many. Let’s know all of them one by one.
Physical benefits of chrysocolla: Chrysocolla has a very calming effect on nervous disorders such as depression, feelings of guilt, anxiety and hyperkinetic movements. It is beneficial for women who go through great insanity of pain during mensuration. It is believed to support happy pregnancies and relieve the anxieties of first-time mothers. Chrysocolla is excellent for sore throats. It is good for patients suffering from sugar- especially Type 2, high blood pressure, lung problems or any kind of blood issue. It assists in the regulation of thyroid and adrenals. Chrysocolla is also good for problems associated with digestion, arthritis, hip joints, hip replacement, and rheumatism. It strengthens muscles and alleviates muscle cramps. Chrysocolla gemstone also helps with infections, fever burns, and scars.
Emotional benefits of chrysocolla: Chrysocolla teaches both the value of expression as well as the virtue of keeping silent. Its energy plays a very soothing role in emotional turmoil. It allows one to always stand in the favor of truth and speak up whatever is there in the heart. It makes you comfortable in sharing your vulnerable feelings with others while at the same time letting them go. It opens up all the bottled emotions and dispels all the harsh feelings or angry words.
Spiritual benefits of chrysocolla: Imbibing all the good from the universe, chrysocolla provides you with all the insights necessary to regain or stabilize yourself. It helps you in getting aware about yourself and in achieving the inner balance. It connects you to the earth so that you can do all of that which is required to heal the earth itself. With chrysocolla, you can communicate with spiritual forces and attain the utmost peace by dispelling all negative thoughts.


Chakra healing of chrysocolla gemstone: Chrysocolla is the best stone for the throat chakra. It motivates you to speak whatever is there in your heart and mind. It resonates with the heart chakra, helping you to clearly understand your emotions and needs. It balances your emotional quotient, provides you with strength and balance and increases your capacity to love.
Chrysocolla gemstone can be useful for people in varied roles. If you are a musician, it is regarded as a talisman of musicians. It is an excellent stone for those who want to learn new musical instruments or join a choir, orchestra or theatre group. If you are first time grandmothers or great-grandmothers then this stone will help you to perform your new caring role efficiently. For those who feel nervous while staying at home alone in the night, this stone can help. Chrysocolla is a stone of wise women everywhere. It helps older women to express their knowledge and experience through writing, painting, music, craft, and acting.
One strange property of chrysocolla; it encourages people to stay at home. People with wandering temperaments who never stay in one place can get benefit from it. It is also a stone for people who love to stay secluded because of anxiety and depression. For designers, it can be a source of creativity. For those who always work on computers or are accountants, chrysocolla can be that stress reliever. It dispels all negative energies when kept at home. It provides stability, inner strength, and acceptance.
Along with all these benefits, this stone has one more reason behind its huge demand; it's color. Ranging from blue to green, chrysocolla gemstone looks amazing. It has a very happy blooming feel to it and when it is carved into beautiful silver jewelry, the impression is everlasting. For some exclusive chrysocolla silver jewelry, visit Gemexi. Here you will get a wide range and at an economical price.


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