7 Facts That Makes Vivianite More Amazing

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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7 Facts That Makes Vivianite More Amazing


Vivianite is one of the most beautiful gemstones that one can ever see or have with one of the most wonderful properties among various gemstones. It is a gemstone that is not very popular worldwide as it exists in a few places, however, with the help of online shops, one can buy Vivianite gemstone for himself easily. But the point here is why should people even buy vivianite gemstone when they don’t know much about this gemstone and why should they choose this gemstone over the thousand other gemstones that exist in this world. Here are some of the amazing facts and benefits of vivianite gemstone which will encourage people to buy this brilliant gemstone.

Help you get rid of negativity
The biggest benefit of having Vivianite gemstone is that due to the healing properties of vivianite gemstone, it can help you get rid of all the negativity that you ever face. It has been observed worldwide that people are getting more and more negative and they have started thinking about negative situations in their lives instead of positive ones. And that is why buying vivianite gemstone can become as beneficial for them as they can remove all the negativity from their body only with the help of a beautiful gemstone.

Revitalization and emotional stableness
Vivianite gemstone is known for its revitalization powers. People believe that even if we just hold the gemstone for a few seconds, it has the ability to revitalize our body, providing our body a new and refreshing feel. It not only just revitalizes the body, but it also provides you an emotional stableness. People don’t believe but the emerging technology has been draining people emotionally and that is why people are not emotionally stable. However, if there is loose vivianite gemstone available near you, just buy that and you will feel how emotionally stable you are becoming day by day with the help of this brilliant gemstone.

How it got named
This beautiful and brilliant gemstone has been named after the person who first discovered i.e. J G Vivian, an English mineralogist. Though the founder was English the deposits of this amazing mineral were found in Bolivia, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, and the USA, etc. Vivianite is basically a translucent crystal having a blue or a dark green color making it look beautiful and that is why people look to buy Vivianite gemstone over other gemstones.



How should it be preserved
A lot of people believe that Vivianite gemstone changes its color when it is exposed to direct sunlight and that is why people like it to be kept at dark places so that it stays at is it. The color change is usually felt in loose vivianite gemstone and that is why it needs more care than treated ones. If your stones are treated, they might not show the properties that the mineral tends to have so it is better to buy raw.
Get your relationship back on track
If you have been facing problems in your relationship as you are not having satisfying sex or emotional stability is not there, or you both don’t agree to same terms or the physical closeness is not there, just buy this brilliant gemstone and you will get to know how amazing this gemstone is when all your relationship problems will vanish within some time and your relationship will be back on track.

Increases Vigor and vitality
A lot of people eat pills and various enhancement medicines to make sure that they increase their vigor and stamina while having sex but still they can’t find a permanent solution to it. Buying Vivian gemstone will not only increase a person’s vigor but will also give unique pleasurable sexual experiences too. 

Vivianite over meditation
A lot of people have started doing meditation to get the inner peace in their lives, however, it is very amazing that a gemstone can provide you more peace in a day than meditation can provide you in your entire life. One of the benefits of buying vivianite gemstone or vivianite silver jewelry is that it provides you inner peace which is not easily available nowadays. Rather than wasting hours on meditation, one can just hold on to this gemstone for a few minutes and you will get the required inner peace easily.

So, these were 7 amazing facts about Vivianite gemstone that will definitely encourage you to buy this brilliant gemstone for yourself.

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