Vivianite Jewelry

Vivianite - A Brief Introduction

Vivianite is a very beautiful and renowned phosphate mineral. It is found in few enchanting and impactful shades that can win anyone’s compliments at the very first sight. The unique fact about this rich looking mineral is that it is generally formed with fossils, shells or other types of organic materials. Sometimes, it gets formed inside the organic material. The beautiful shade in which the Vivianite crystals are often fund includes the dark green shade, light green shade, bluish green shade, black shade, indigo-blue shade and sometimes, even the multicolored form or the royal looking purple shade. Another important fact is that Vivianite surprisingly turns dark when exposed to light for a longer period of time. This happens so because of the chemical reaction that takes place inside the mineral when being exposed to light. That’s the reason why it is advised to keep your Vivianite jewelry covered and kept safely.

Vivianite – Few Significant Historical Facts

The name ‘Vivianite’ was given in honor of the English mineralogist – ‘John Henry Vivian’. He had discovered the Vivianite mineral for the very first time in Cornwall. Few historical references suggest the use of Vivianite in earlier times. For example, it was used in the German paintings during the medieval era. The ground form of the mineral was used as blue paint. It is highly believed that this mineral is a great option for improving memory and for removing any sort of negativity.

Where is Vivianite Found?

The significant localities for the occurrence of Vivianite include England, Germany, USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Japan, and Ukraine.

The Beautiful & Popular Styles of Vivianite Jewelry 

The deep and dark shades of Vivianite give a rich appeal. The wonderful appearance and effective shades of this mineral make it an amazing option to be used in the world of jewelry. Though it is available in a few different beautiful colors, the most popular shades for Vivianite are black, blue and green.  

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