Where To Find Custom Handmade Gaspeite Silver Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jun 20, 2022
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Where To Find Custom Handmade Gaspeite Silver Jewelry

There are so many varieties of rare gemstones that discovering and learning about new stones can be a fun affair. Gaspeite is a rare gemstone composed of nickel carbonate belonging to the calcite group. It is a considerably new discovery in the world of gemstones that are known to existed for hundreds of years. Gaspeite was first discovered in 1977 in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec, Canada by American mineralogists D.W Kohls and J.L Rodda. Initially, Gaspeite was discarded as it was thought to be a useless by-product of nickel sulfide. Apart from Canada, today it is also mined from New Mexico (USA) and Western Australia. 

The green-colored stone is found with a varying tinge of brown on the veins of the rock. The brown color occurs at various depths of the stone. It wasn’t until very recently that Gaspeite has become popular, especially in the gemstone jewelry market. From silver Gaspeite jewelry to Gaspeite rings there is a whole lot of jewelry that is now being made with this stone.

Where You Can Shop for Gaspeite Gemstone Jewelry

Since it is quite a rare stone, it is not easily available to every jeweler. But thanks to the Internet the world marketplace is on your screen today and you can shop for anything and everything with a simple click. If you are looking for an enticing Gaspeite jewelry collection check out the online jewelry platform called Gemexi.com. At this store, you will find hundreds of gemstones that are used to make sterling silver jewelry. Most of what you see in the store is handmade by craftsmen in Jaipur. 

Why Shop from Gemexi

It is true that there are many online stores selling Gaspeite pendants and other similar jewelry items. But not everyone sells custom hand-made items. Gemexi is one of those unique online stores where almost all the items displayed are lovingly hand-crafted by artisans who are masters in their work. These artisans live in Jaipur, India the city known for its gemstones and sterling silver market. Most of the artisans have behind them generations of expertise yet they know and understand the needs of a modern woman. You will find classy Gaspeite necklaces, Gaspeite earrings, and other similar jewelry items only here. At Gemexi you can shop wholesale Gaspeite jewelry and even place a request for custom designs.  


What Makes Gaspeite So Special

There is no doubt that Gaspeite is a special stone that deserves all the love and adulation it is belatedly receiving. There are several reasons why Gaspeite is a special stone. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

  • Distinctive Color – One of the distinguishing features of any Gaspeite ring or other silver jewelry item is its color. It is easily associated with the color apple green color though it is also found in paler shades and also bright yellow-green color. Brownish veins run all along with the stone. 
  • Naturally Opaque – Gaspeite is found as an opaque object when naturally mined. But its crystals are translucent. It usually exhibits a dull luster. 
  • Healing Properties – Like most other gemstones, Gaspeite also holds metaphysical properties that help a wearer feel transformed. It heals the body physically and the mind spiritually. It also has a positive effect on the chakras, particularly the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. It is believed that Australian Aboriginals have for long been using this stone for healing purposes. It is believed that regularly keeping Gaspeite close by can help someone who is wishing to lose weight. The stone also helps keep a person grounded. Its strong vibrations bring positivity into one’s life. 

Jewelry Options with Gaspeite

Gaspeite is slowly becoming a popular gemstone in jewelry making. It is increasingly being used in beaded jewelry as well as other types of jewelry. Often cut into cabochons, Gaspeite has to be handled carefully because it is quite a soft stone. One of the ideal ways of using Gaspeite in jewelry is with sterling silver. Sterling silver gives this soft stone a harder base. When you buy Gaspeite you must be careful that it is well made. However, you must carefully wear it so that it is not subjected to wear and tear.

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