Where To Buy Arrowheads Quartz Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Where To Buy Arrowheads Quartz Jewelry


When you hear the word arrowhead, the picture of a spear or an arrow comes to your mind. Arrowheads quartz is not a tool as it may sound too many people; rather, it is carved gemstone quartz which finds its place in jewelry as a talisman since ancient times. The pointed and sharp Quartz arrowheads quartz pendants are quite popular and look trendy. Apart from the looks, it has many healing properties and benefits for humans. 
According to beliefs they have been used in rituals and traditions. These arrowheads were used to carve pictographs that portray dreams, emotions, visions, and ideas. The jewelry has been quite popular especially among the Native American and Indian populations.

Uses and Benefits of arrowheads quartz

Provides protection: Arrowheads Quartz healing properties include providing protection as the primary one. The arrowheads quartz is considered to be a symbol of protection, confidence, and bravery. This gemstone protects the wearer from negative energies and attacks. This can lead to personal as well as professional success and prosperity. 
Ignites the adventurous spirit: If you want to ignite the feeling of adventure within you then this is the best stone to consider. You tend to be happier with this stone around and want to explore the world with the help of this stone.
Stimulates the crown chakra: Arrowhead quartz has all the healing properties possessed by quartz. As it stimulates the crown chakra, it gives you a new vision and outlook towards the universe and a fresh thinking power. 
Solves health issues: As this quartz enhances the immunity and makes your circulatory system improved, it is recommended for people suffering from blood pressure and heart ailments. Also, people suffering from faintness, headaches, tiredness, metabolism disorders or excessive weight can get benefit from this stone.
Purifies thoughts: Those who want to purify their thoughts and cleanse their souls, then arrowheads are the perfect gemstone for them. You can wear these in the form of arrowheads quartz necklace, arrowheads quartz rings or arrowheads quartz earrings. It is also known to increase patience and reduce anger.  
Better spiritual experience: If you want to extend your spiritualism then this stone will help you to know what spirituality is in a good manner.
Leads to positive thoughts: A positive attitude can solve many problems and lead to better decisions. It also improves confidence and courage. With this quartz, your inner negative thoughts are replaced with positive energy and consciousness. With a balanced energy flow, you become confident and stable. 
Improves memory: This gemstone makes you aware of your inner talent and helps you focus on it. Students can benefit from silver arrowhead quartz jewelry as it improves focus, concentration, and memory too. 

Where to buy arrowheads quartz jewelry? 

As these stones are not naturally occurring and carved, you can buy these stones from any reputed jewelry store online or offline. Apart from quartz arrowheads can be carved from other gemstones too such as Jasper or Agate. Apart from that obsidian, tourmaline, amethyst, labradorite, rose quartz and turquoise can also be used to create arrowheads. But if you want to merge the healing properties of arrowheads and quartz, then arrowheads quartz jewelry is the best option to look out for. We bet you will cherish the healing properties of Arrowheads Quartz!
Buying arrowheads quartz jewelry at Gemexi

At Gemexi, we ensure that each jewelry piece that we design is unique and handcrafted to suit the customer’s style and requirements. 

  • We take care of quality - We make sure that the stones used are 100% original, high-quality ones and can lead to improved healing for our customers along with improved looks. Each piece that we craft is unique on its own. 
  • Deal in arrowheads quartz wholesale jewelry too - We also provide wholesale arrowheads quartz stones for those looking to design their own arrowheads quartz jewelry collection. You can also choose to buy jewelry from our ready wholesale products
  • Sourcing & designing the stones - We source the semi-precious Quartz gemstones from reliable sources and certify and verify every piece. After that, we create a one of a kind piece that is timeless, affordable, rare and unique in its own as well as beneficial for your home, body, mind, and soul. The designs are such that they remain versatile for the wearer of any age, or occasion. They also serve as an excellent gifting option. 
  • Explore our wide range - Do check out our entire collection on our website and we are sure that you will find your perfect arrowheads quartz jewelry here. You can even contact us for custom-designed quartz jewelry.

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