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Arrowheads Quartz - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Have you heard about the Arrowheads Quartz or simply the arrowheads? Although chances are that most of you must have definitely heard about the same, yet for those who do not know about the same, let us tell you! Well, arrowheads are the sharp and pointed parts that are placed on the top of an arrow. Now, the arrowheads that are made of quartz stone are called the Arrowheads quartz or the Quartz Arrowheads. Today, wearing the arrowheads jewelry is one of the latest trends not only because of its chic and native look but also because the arrowheads are believed to contain many benefits for humans.

It is quintessential to mention that the arrowheads can be made of different materials like Jasper, Quartz and more. We will be discussing the same in the later part of this article. However, here in this article, we are telling you about the Quartz Arrowheads and the properties associated with the same.

Healing Properties

They provide protection – Arrowheads are loved all over the world as they are believed to provide protection to its wearer. When you wear them, you can stay safe from any sort of negative vibration and any type of negative attack. They were worn in ancient time also for the same reason. It is an absolute truth that negativity can destroy everything. Be it our mood, our attitude, our confidence, thought procedure, or any sort of work that has to be accomplished, if it is encountered by a negative vibe, the results are useless. Thus, it is very important to stay safe from the negative vibrations and overall negativity. The arrowheads are a wonderful option as they protect you and keep you safe from every type of negativity. Be it your own negative thoughts or the negative invasions of other people, when you have Quartz arrowheads with you, safety and protection come naturally!

They ignite your adventurous spirit – We all are born with a spirit of adventure but our busy schedules are not allowing us to see that perspective in our spirits. Wearing an arrowhead made of quartz can help you ignite your feeling of adventure. Once that adventurous attitude comes up, you will start exploring the world again and will feel happy observing the truth that the world and life are never-ending adventures themselves! To unlock the adventurous human inside you with the help of an arrowhead.

Arrowheads Quartz is extremely helpful for stimulating the crown chakra – When the arrowheads are made of quartz, they will be using all the healing properties as well as the other abilities of quartz. Hence, wearing arrowheads jewelry will help you stimulate your crown chakra which is placed on the top of our head. Stimulating the crown chakra can help you see the universe in an all new and extended way. This stimulation will also help you gain a better and fresh thinking procedure.

They help in solving many physical issues – Using these arrowheads can help you sort many of your physical issues as Quartz is capable of providing a solution to many of the bodily issues too. Use the arrowhead quartz jewelry to enhance your immunity power and to make your circulatory system better. For those who suffer from headaches, faintness, metabolism disorders, extreme feeling of tiredness or the problem of excess weight can use arrowheads for positive changes in such disorders.

You get a better perspective for life – If you have almost forgotten the fact that life is the biggest gift of God, and you need to remind the same to you, you can use the quartz arrowheads. They will give you a new outlook for life and you will see that you have started loving your life again. Many people easily give up on their lives thinking that there is nothing positive in their lives or thinking that there is no reason to smile. Having Quartz arrowhead with you is like having a fresh and new angle towards life. You start finding happiness in even the smallest of things and reasons. You smile at your life and your life smiles back at you! So why not wear the arrowheads jewelry?

They help cleanse your soul – For those who wish to cleanse their souls and purify their thoughts, these attractive looking arrowheads can be of great use as Quartz is considered a great cleanser for the soul.  

You can notice an enhancement in your patience level – If someone’s patience level is high, many of the upcoming controversial discussions and clashes can be postponed or completely canceled. If one person does not argue with another, the other one does not get the opportunity to attack back. But the problem is that this high level of patience is found in a few people. Many of us lose our patience easily during various situations of life. If you feel that your patience is too low and you easily lose it, you need to use the quartz arrowheads. The quartz stone will help you increase your tolerance level while arrowheads will give you protection from negative thinking about others.

They make you ready for a better spiritual experience – If you want to go one step ahead in learning spiritualism, the arrowhead quartz can help you out. Extending your thought procedure and stimulating your crown chakra, it will help you understand spirituality in a much better way.

They help you think in a positive way – A positive attitude is indispensable to success. Positivity does not only make you feel good but it gives you the courage and confidence to achieve various goals of your life. Arrowheads made of quartz are useful for replacing the inner negative feelings and attitude with a positive thought and positive attitude.  

They enhance awareness & energy – Be it the awareness of self or universe, the arrowheads made of quartz help you fetch better consciousness. They also increase your energy level.

These arrowheads let you get the right balance of energies – As mentioned earlier, these arrowheads of Quartz are helpful in the stimulation of crown chakra and when your crown chakra gets stimulated, you get the right balance in your energies. This right balance of energies let you stay stable and confident in even the toughest situations of life.

They are useful and reliable for enhancing your natural talents – Those gifted with some kind of natural talents and creativity can enhance and express those talents with the help of arrowhead quartz.  The arrowheads made up of quartz have to capability to make you realize your talents and nurture them. Moreover, these arrowheads give you confidence and the interest for your talent so that you can actually make use of that talent.

Use them to increase your memory power and focus ability – Even the students can find great benefits with the help of arrowhead quartz which clarifies the mind by removing negative thoughts and also helps in improving the focus. When the mind is free from negative thoughts, it can concentrate upon in a much better way than before. When you use these arrowheads you will also observe an enhancement in your concentration level.  

Arrowheads Quartz Facts

  • Arrowheads have been in use since the ancient era.
  • They were worn by the ancient tribes around the neck to get protection from the evil eye.
  • They are believed to give strength, confidence, and bravery to their wearer so that they can combat anything.
  • It is also said that arrowheads help you stay protected from any sort of sickness.
  • The arrowheads have been found in the pictographic scripts of the Native American Indian tribes.




Metaphysical Properties

Quartz is mainly made of silicon dioxide. It is found in the prismatic form of hexagonal crystals that occur as constricted druse or mass. They can also be found in grainy forms as well as the fibrous ones. The   Quartz mineral can be found as a significant ingredient in rocks like quartzite, gneiss, sandstone, and granite. The macrocrystalline types of quartz are also available.

Arrowheads Quartz In News

Arrowheads Quartz Color

Depending upon which quartz has been used in a specific arrowhead, the color may vary. For example, when the Pink Quartz is used, the color may appear as light pink to reddish pink. When the Rose Quartz is used in making the arrowhead, the color will appear as dark reddish pink and will have an opaque to translucent appearance. The Milky Quartz, also known as the Snow Quartz will give white color to the arrowhead while the Chrysoprase variety of Quartz will give a red color. The Chert variety of quartz will give a grey, black or brown shade.


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