What is a stackable gemstone ring?

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  • Updated On Jul 26, 2021
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What is a stackable gemstone ring?

A stackable ring simply means a ring that can be stacked upon other rings. The stacks of few rings make a nice stackable ring set and look quite voguish. People often use stackable sets of rings as their engagement ring, wedding ring and then, anniversary rings. However, it is important to know that wearing stackable rings doesn’t demand to include wedding or engagement bands. In other words, anyone can wear any type of stackable ring that looks and fit well with other rings in the stack or set. Now, just take a quick look at how you can wear the stackable rings in the best way!

Pick rings that gel well with each other

All the fashion-conscious people might already be knowing the fact that there are no fixed rules for wearing rings in a stack. However, while wearing the rings in the stack you should take care that rings go well with each other. This means that all the rings that you pick for your stack should be of the same size meaning none of them should engulf another. Instead, each stackable gemstone ring should show clearly in your stack. Hence, you can pick up any rings that make a perfect and distinct-looking stack. You can pick the following options for creating a chic stack of rings on your beautiful fingers:
  1. Plain bands – If you are a fan of minimal designs in your accessories, picking up plain bands for the ring stack will do a perfect job for you! Own plain gold, silver or platinum bands to form a stunning stack on your fingers.
  2. Single gemstone ring – Rings with single gemstones look stylish and speak about your choice for precious and timeless gemstones. You can select few rings with single gemstone and create a clean stack of your choice.
  3. Multiple gemstone rings – Love the colorful gemstones? If yes, try wearing rings that have multiple colorful gemstones embedded in their designs. Pick thin rings with various types of gemstones and form a stack that looks vivacious.
  4. Colorful rings – You can also create a vibrant stack by opting for different types of rings like gemstone rings, silver bands, diamond studded rings, and more. The whole colorful and unique stack will give an astonishing look to your hands and will help you establish your own style statement.
  5. Plain silver bands – Silver can never be out of fashion! Be it pendants, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, silver is there to stay forever! Pick up plain silver bands of different types like oxidized silver, 925 sterling silver, or more and make a scintillating stack of silver rings.
  6. Silver bands with carved designs – Silver rings with carved patterns look outstanding! The various carved designs in form of leaves, flowers, figures, and more look very tempting and attractive. You can consider wearing the silver bands with carved designs for making a perfect stack that looks classy and alluring.

Choosing sleek rings helps make a neat stack

While you can select rings of any style for your stack, choosing the sleek rings helps you make a clean and easy stack. The chunky heavy rings can also be used for a stack but it is quite obvious that one will end up including just two or three rings in a stack. Moreover, the stack of thin rings never feels heavy on hands which means you flaunt your stack of rings in a comfy way. On the other hand, the heavy rings’ stack might feel heavy on your hands and create difficulty in doing various tasks.

Try to avoid any sort of gap while wearing rings in the stack

Gaps in stacks of rings do not look cool. Hence, make sure that your rings do not leave any type of gap in the stack. If you will consider the first point (picking rings that go well with each other), as mentioned above, you will achieve a good-looking and captivating stack of rings on your finger. One of the best ways to achieve a perfect set of rings for the stack is to pick the very first ring of your choice and then choose other rings that match well with the first ring. Once, you get the second ring matching to your first chosen ring you can proceed to find out rest of the rings. Making a stackable ring set is an exciting and interesting way to create your own style mantra. If you have not yet tried wearing stackable rings, it's now time to try one!

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  • Mark
    Sep 17, 2022, 5:25:03 AM

    The stackable ring has a better option. I have gotten three pieces of the ring in a combo pack. I have single gemstone rings. I am obsessed with them because of their duty.

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