What are the benefits of wearing Turquoise Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Apr 5, 2022
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What are the benefits of wearing Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is an undeniably beautiful gemstone, but what makes it stand out is its extraordinary healing properties- which it sources from the infinite oceans and luminous skies. It is a highly spiritual gemstone that benefits individuals in ways beyond comprehension. Whether you are someone who wants to work on her physical and emotional wellness or want to establish a sense of harmony in your relationship, turquoise is the gemstone for you. And what’s better than wearing a piece of turquoise jewelry that not just enhances your overall appearance but does you good too?

So, if you are thinking about the benefits of wearing Turquoise Jewelry, this article is for you. But let us first know a little about the gemstone. 

Gemstone In Spotlight - Turquoise | Its Meaning, Folklore, & Symbolism:

  1. Meaning - The word ‘turquoise’ has its origin in a French word that means ‘Turkish.’ One can say that it reflects its relation with Persia and the rich history the gemstone has with the place. 
  2. Folklore - History has it that Native Americans used to wear turquoise to call upon spirits. It was common to put turquoise inside weapons and shields as it has protective powers and was said to make humans immortal. People also preferred wearing it closer to their hearts to promote positivity and good relationships in ancient days.It also acts as a binding force between two worlds. 
  3. Symbolism - Turquoise is a gemstone that reeks of luxury and elegance. It is a common belief that the gemstone attracts wealth and prosperity into one’s life. It stands for wisdom, protection, and self-realization and helps one discover and unleash their true potential.   

Turquoise and Healing - Why Wearing Turquoise Jewelry Is Good For You?


Turquoise gemstone benefits individuals in different ways.  

  1. Physical Healing Properties - Turquoise helps heal illness in and around the throat areas. It helps with respiratory illnesses, sore throat, headaches, and allergies. Being a porous gemstone, it also has the cooling energy of water that helps with panic attacks and does not let anxiety take over. It also helps absorb nutrients better and promotes the renewal of tissues. Be it acidity, rheumatism, mood swings, or stomach aches, turquoise works wonders for all of it.
  2. Emotional Healing Properties - If you are someone who has a hard time practicing self-love and acceptance, I’ll recommend you to try turquoise without a second thought. It strengthens your sense of individuality and helps to aid self-harming tendencies. People suffering from low confidence, depression, and anger issues will also benefit from wearing turquoise stone jewelry. 

Turquoise Jewelry Ideas - 5 Quintessential Turquoise Bijou You Need In Your Closet:

  1. Turquoise Initials Pendant - A Turquoise Initials Pendant never goes out of fashion. You can wear it with almost everything, yet it will blend effortlessly with your style. 
Pair it with: A white satin shirt for a chic look.
  1. Turquoise Silver Ring - A turquoise silver ring not just looks beautiful but works best if you are trying to pull off an effortless look. The silver, along with the blue gemstone, screams elegance.
Pair it with: An indigo maxi dress for a casual, easy-breezy look.
  1. Turquoise Necklace - A turquoise necklace is a statement piece that will elevate your look.  You can either get a simple pendant necklace or have the entire necklace with the stone. Either way, it is gorgeous.
Pair it with: An ocher yellow kurta for that seamless ethnic look.
  1. Turquoise Dangle Earrings - Who does not like dangle earrings? And if it has an element of Turquoise in it, boom! Turquoise dangle earrings are a must-have if you are someone who likes their earrings to stand out. 
Pair it with: A little black dress for the perfect date look.
  1. Turquoise Nosepin - A classic turquoise nose pin looks extremely feminine. It is simple yet classy. 
Pair it with a Green jumpsuit for that indo-western look. 

3 Quick Tips On How To Cleanse And Charge Your Turquoise For Best Results:

Turquoise is a gemstone known to collect energies from its environment. So, if you do not cleanse and charge this gorgeous blue stone for a long time, it is most likely to collect the surrounding energies and affect your well-being. Here are a few quick tricks to help you with the process -
  1. Cleansing Turquoise with smoke - Using smoke to cleanse a gemstone is the best and easiest way to go about it. You can do it with sacred herbs like sage, cedar, palo santo wood, juniper, and sweetgrass. It will help free the gemstone of accumulated energy and increase its vitality. Take a shell or cauldron that can handle fire and light the herb you like in it. Once it starts burning, blow the smoke and place the Turquoise amidst the smoke. After that, all that’s left to do is ask the universe to cleanse it of the negative energies. You can also set a positive intention once you think your stone is free of energies that do not align with you.
  2. Cleansing Turquoise with Moon’s Energy - The moon embodies powerful energies, but do you know these energies fluctuate with their phases? So, if you plan to cleanse your Turquoise with moonlight, always do it either on a full moon or a new moon. The method is simple. You keep your Turquoise under the moonlight with an affirmation and wait for it to cleanse itself overnight. 
  3. Cleansing Turquoise with Water - Water is another potent source of energy. To clean your Turquoise, all you need is to hold the gemstone under cool free-flowing water. If you do not live near a water body, worry not! It will work the same if you do it with the water from your kitchen tap or washroom sink. Set a cleansing intention while the water falls on the stone, and you are good to go. However, the important part is not leaving it underwater for more than half a minute and drying the Turquoise as it is a porous gemstone.

Conclusion about the benefits of wearing Turquoise Jewelry

Now that you are aware of turquoise jewelry benefits head to Gemexi to buy stunning pieces to elevate your look. Our jewelry stands out for its dainty yet exquisite looks, making it an ideal fit for your wardrobe. If you wear turquoise jewelry, you will benefit from the powerful gemstone and experience a life full of prosperity, wisdom, and growth. However, healing stones work in altering energies; so cleaning and charging them is essential to get the most of their benefits. 

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  • Shiloh
    Jul 30, 2022, 8:42:10 AM

    Turquoise helps to heal the illness around in throat areas. It helps to cure sore throat, headaches, and allergies. I have used it for one year, I felt improvement in my throat.

  • Hesal
    Nov 29, 2022, 9:43:04 AM

    Turquoise can really help with physical as well as mental health issues.

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