Top 10 Beach Jewelry That You Can Wear On Your Vacation

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2022
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Top 10 Beach Jewelry That You Can Wear On Your Vacation

The serene atmosphere, calm deep blue ocean waters and surrounding scenic sights! You guessed it right! We are talking about one of the most relaxed places for spending your vacations – the beach! Though, we all carefully muster voguish and comfy apparels, footwear and other required items to experience a relaxing and enjoyable time at beach, what we often forget is choosing the right beach jewelry. Beautiful wholesale gemstone Beach jewelry is the most important accessory when you desire gorgeous looks even when you are in your vacation mood ((After all, who doesn’t want to look attractive in all those photographs and selfies that have to be put on social media platforms, later!). Therefore, we decided to showcase the Top 10 Gemstone Beach Jewelry ideas for you so that you easily pick up what matches your taste best!

  1. Aquamarine Gemstone Jewelry

When it comes to choosing the most beautiful wholesale gemstone beach jewelry, aquamarine appears as the most mentioned name. Associated with deep relaxing water of oceans and sea, this gemstone comes in the super-soothing greenish-blue hues that instantly remind you of crystal-clear sea water. A range of wholesale aquamarine loosestone jewelry can be worn in form of fashionable bracelets combined with sterling silver and gold. The gemstone doesn’t only make great combinations with several other gems like emeralds and pearls but also promises providing protection from various risks involved in water travel. The sparkling calming look and multiple powers including stimulation of heart and throat chakra, removing stress, warding off fear, etc., make this gemstone a beautiful option to be worn at the beach gatherings and events.
  1. Sea Glass Jewelry

If you are looking for unique sea life jewelry that immediately captivates anyone’s attention, the sea glass jewelry comes as the perfect option. The lovely shades and sparkling appearance of sea glass connect well with deep water and gel well with the beautiful natural theme of oceans and seas. Moreover, those who want to flaunt shimmering blue and white beach jewelry can choose the sea glass jewelry in form of many enchanting designs including the sea glass long earrings, pendants ornate with sea glass, pleasing bracelets with sea glass and zircons and many more ideas.
  1. Larimar Gemstone Jewelry

The engrossing larimar is found in attractive shades like refreshing blue, greenish-blue and even the colorless form. Larimar jewelry is also a popular and highly charming beach jewelry which is sought after by millions of people across the globe. Especially, the Larimar beach earrings are quite famous as they add a beautiful look to your personality and make for a rejuvenating appearance.

3 stone natural blue larimar 925 sterling silver necklace     3 stone natural blue larimar oval 925 sterling silver necklace     natural blue larimar 925 sterling silver necklace jewelry


  1. Abalone Beach Jewelry

Who can ever forget to mention the exceptionally beautiful abalone shells while talking about the most gorgeous looking sea life jewelry? Well, the abalone shell baubles come in many tempting designs that reflect with unique play of colors and exclusive iridescence emitted by this shell. These shells are available in a variety of colors like purple, yellow, green and rainbow colors too. You may check out the wide wholesale sea life jewelry range to discover some exuberant abalone shell earrings and pendants. The abalone jewelry definitely makes for an amazing beach jewely.
  1. Vibrant Coral Beach Jewelry

Wear the beautiful coral beach baubles in form of coral earrings, coral pendants or coral necklace that will give you a revitalizing look and feel. The corals are also known for augmenting your energy levels as well as the psychic abilities.
  1. Moonstone Range of Jewels

Those who wish to shop ravishing beach jewelry that can be worn with different beach attires must own the appealing moonstone jewels. Resembling a moon and providing a lovely waxy lustre, the moonstone earrings and pendants look simply marvellous!
  1. Pearl Beach Jewelry

Do you crave to get a soothing and sophisticated look with jewelry that offers minimalist designs? Try the very elegant pearl beach jewely! The pearl beach silver earrings offer effortless tons of elegance your beach look.

. white pearl larimar 925 sterling silver tennis bracelet     white pearl turquoise azurite 925 silver necklace jewelry     natural white pearl topaz 925 silver necklace
  1. Ocean Jasper Jewels

Ocean Jaspers are yet another awesome option in our list of top 10 gemstone beach jewelry. Available in a wide color palette including green, blue, pink, yellow and other shades, the ocean jaspers jewelry are not only known for their vibrant and inspiring looks but also for instilling optimistic attitude in the wearer’s personality.
  1. Aragonite Jewels

The list of most beautiful gemstone beach jewelry remains incomplete without Aragonite. Highly famous as a grounding stone, this lovely gemstone is a variety of calcium carbonate and is found in few shades like light blue, soothing grey, reddish brown and few more hues.
  1. Opal Beach Jewelry

If you crave to get a highly attractive and vibrant look, choosing the opal beach baubles will be a great option. Known for their playful colors and irresistible beauty, the opal ornaments come in a wide variety of charismatic designs.

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  • Freya
    Aug 1, 2022, 7:06:47 AM

    On my last anniversary, my husband and I went on a trip to Denmark. I purchased larimar handmade necklaces and a ring from Gemexi. They gave me a fabulous look and shine when water fell on them. I felt complete with these gemstones.

  • Selina
    Dec 5, 2022, 9:31:22 AM

    I have sea glass jewelry which goes well with the floral dresses.

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