Today's Jewelry Style Guide - Evil Eye, Be Safe and Be Gorgeous!

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Today's Jewelry Style Guide - Evil Eye, Be Safe and Be Gorgeous!

Believed to be a curse, Evil Eye is alleged to be thrown from a single vicious glimpse of the wicked power. In fact, the person remains uninformed during this act.


As stated by distinctive cultures, the receiver of this evil eye gets hurt by any means either would becomes injured or gets surrounded by the misfortunes. So, keeping these issues further, the talismans are too being employed to get rid of these named, Evil Eyes.

Today, with the discussion of the Evil Eye effect, we will know about the measures to be on the safer side.


evil eye pendant

Defensive Mean

Severe results of this term enlightened a thought in everyone’s mind to carry out some protective deals along. With the different cultures, the eminence and the concept that this tag holds too get mold accordingly. Traditionally, the most widely accepted place is Asian and Mediterranean cultures and tribes.

The charms and decorative revealing eye-like motifs are termed as nazars. To repeal the effect of “mal de ojo” (evil eye synonym), these are in use that is sourced from Afghanistan, Southern Italy, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Albania, Greece and Turkey.

Evil Eye Remedies

To lower down or diminish the bane of Evil Eye various talismans have come-up with innate powers and features. Apotropaic, a Greek work which actually means protective is recognized as a class of these talismans. Supposed to turn back the harm, these are mostly opted.

Profound Description

Within a ball or disk like design, circles with white and blue hue stands as apotropaic talismans for an evil eye in Western part of Asia. Found on the head of the boats of Mediterranean, in folklore form, these are imagined to be peering eyes which aids sending back the malicious gawk to the root.

Identified as nazar, you may found these charms in Turkey where these are worn as the beads, carried along on the vehicles or decorated in the homes.

Evil Eye, Statement Style Jewelry

To trim down your effort of getting a perfect Evil Eye jewelry style, we have appended some designer sterling silver Evil Eye jewels:


evil eye pendant

Bewitching piece of sterling silver Evil Eye pendant styled in appealing eye shape which is looking damn fascinating. The shimmering touch is also given by white topaz pieces. The evil eve mark at the center is going to take off your beating heart.


evil eye pendant

Engrossing evil eye ring, again styled in beautiful eye pattern to pair with an enchanting pendant (above). To repeat the twinkling allegory of these boutique style jewelry, the white topaz charms are adorned on it.


evil eye earrings

Gorgeous pair of studs, unveiling the “mal de ojo”, theme is festooned with white topaz gems to raise the glistening gawk.


evil eye pendant

With the shade of antiquity, this neck piece, a part of prime style jewelry, made with sterling silver is emitting its evil eye definition. The surrounding craving will take us to the early age of jewels.

With the time, to bestow the modern gawk, this piece of pendant is designed in contemporary motif which will go along with this trending moment.

So, after reading this fresh and unique chapter of jewelry style guide, your knowledge might have got sharpen with quite rare but eminent jewelry facts

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