Sterling Silver Trendy Back To School Jewelry For Students

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Dec 4, 2021
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Sterling Silver Trendy Back To School Jewelry For Students

School life - a breeze of nostalgia...

School life is undeniably one of those very best parts of anyone’s existence. A mix of sweet and salty, each of us warmly cherishes those priceless memories made inside the classroom, isn’t it? Yet, no matter how much we try, we can’t really go back to those good, old days anymore. But thanks to celebs like Bella Hadid and Alicia Keys, for they managed to celebrate the fun school life with their super dope back-to-school outfits and made that a modern style statement. In fact, this idea of going “Back to School” through fashion looks so cool, we’re currently crushing on it! And you know what’s the best way to swag up that “as new as nine” look? By playing with the accessories and adding a touch of bijou to them. So, take your seat, and let’s check out some of the snazziest sterling silver back-to-school jewelry for your kids.

But first, let’s see - why silver jewelry?

Why do we think celebrating "Back to School" days with silver jewelry is fantastic

Silver is a classic choice for kid’s jewelry and accessories. Read these facts to understand why Back to School silver jewelry is a blend of fit and fashion for teens:
  1. Silver is one of those rarest metals that are antiseptic and self-sanitizing. Kids who go to school are often more exposed to getting painful cuts and wounds while playing. In that case, silver helps in quickening the wound healing process and wards off infections.
  2. Silver is believed to have therapeutic properties for the mind. So, if your little one is feeling restless and too stressed out before the exams, wearing silver may help them calm down and focus.
  3. Silver helps in blocking harmful electromagnetic radiations. Apparently, wearing silver jewelry aids in preventing toxic electromagnetic radiations emitted from phones and laptops from seeping into our bodies. So, you don’t have to worry about kids getting over-exposed to harmful radiation anymore.

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Here is some super trendy Back to School jewelry ideas for you

Now that you know why silver jewelry is an absolute hit for Back to School fashion, let’s get shopping! At Gemexi, we have an exclusive line of silver jewelry purely reflecting the “Back to School” spirit. Come, let’s stroll through and check out some of our all-time favorites from the 925 sterling silver Back to School jewelry range:
  1. Back to School Pendants

Pendants? Why not! Check out these gemstone pendants, exclusively from the house of Gemexi!

Our pick:


Moonstone is known to be a stone for emotional healing and overcoming stress. With this beautiful sterling silver Moonstone pendant by Gemexi, allow your child to reap the choicest benefits of authentic Moonstone.
  1. Back to School Rings

Want the most sublime jewelry for your kid? Here, check out these beautiful gemstone rings by Gemexi!

Our pick:

For ages, Amethyst is being used for relieving sleep-related issues and enhancing the immune system. So, if your little one keeps falling sick or struggles with a peaceful slumber, this stunning Amethyst ring in pure sterling silver by Gemexi is all that you need.
  1. Back to School Earrings

Earrings - the most adorable ornament for your adorable little one. Here, check out these pretty gemstone earrings exclusively by Gemexi!

Our pick:

Rose Quartz and its benefits are well-renowned. It’s a stone widely known for its gentle and loving energies. With these exquisite Rose Quartz Earrings by Gemexi, gift your child the blessing of love and healing.

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Personalizing jewelry is a must - here's why

So finally, we’re done with the shopping. But wait, how about a little personalization? Trust us, customizing jewelry takes it up a notch, making it all the more special. Why? Well, let’s see
  1. It carries a special message

While getting any piece of jewelry customized, the person aims to communicate all those feelings and emotions that he/she can’t confess otherwise. And we know that although you love your kid, it sometimes may get tough to show them how much they really mean to you. So, why not call a bespoke jewelry piece for help?
  1. It’s one of a kind

Personalized items stand out from the crowd and jewelry is no exception. When you personalize a piece of jewelry with the bits and pieces of the special moments you and your kid shared together, you not only make the jewelry look chicer but also gloriously special!
  1. It’s thoughtful

Last but never least, personalized jewelry oozes thoughtfulness. It reflects that the person has spared a good amount of consideration into making this ornament all things momentous.

Do you still need more reasons to buy Back to School sterling silver personalized jewelry?

Back to School fashion trends are going off the charts and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. So, if you haven’t tried your hands on the latest 925 sterling silver school jewelry yet, it’s high time you should.

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  • Elias
    Aug 10, 2022, 6:22:43 AM

    The antiseptic and self-sanitizing quality of silver attracts me a lot. My son uses an amethyst ring for school. He gets very easily injury, so I choose silver because it has an antiseptic quality and It helps him a little bit.

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