10 Reasons Why Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Popular For Retail

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Oct 4, 2021
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10 Reasons Why Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Popular For Retail

Why is “sterling” ruling every heart?

The rule with women is simple - more the jewelry, better the day. And amidst all the many options available, one variety that is explicitly a dear one to all the ladies out there is sterling silver jewelry. In fact, men love sterling silver jewelry pieces just the same. From pendants to band rings - silver can effortlessly spruce up even the most general jewelry item. Maybe that’s the reason why goldsmiths and various jewelry gurus believe sterling silver to be one of the most popular jewelry types for retail purposes. So, if you own a jewelry business and want to play it safe, here’s listing 10 reasons why sterling silver is nothing short of a thumbs up for retail.

But first, why not take a trip down memory lane? Come on, let’s find out more about the beautiful sterling silver jewelry and unfold some of the lesser-known facts about it.

Some mind-boggling facts about sterling silver bijou we’re sure you didn’t know

Your wardrobe must be oozing with some dazzling sterling silver ornaments, but did you know….
  • Sterling silver is actually an alloy and not a pure metal. The reason why it’s called 925 sterling silver in common lingo is because it contains 92.5% of silver and the rest 7.5% of some other metal, usually copper. Making sterling silver jewelry isn’t easy, after all!
  • Most sterling silver ornaments come with the assayer’s mark. Don’t know what that is? Well, if you’ve ever noticed strange symbols or animal emblems marked on your silver jewelry, most likely, it’s the assayer’s mark. Such marks betoken the origin of the jewel. Told you, it’s mind-boggling.
  • Finally, is 925 silver good? Nope, it’s amazing! The benefits of sterling silver are incredible. Its mother metal, silver is known for soothing ailments and helping with blood circulation. In fact, silver is also believed to have strong antimicrobial properties. What more to ask for?
Now, let’s check out why sterling silver is the king of the retail jewelry realm!

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10 reasons why sterling silver is a top choice for retail everywhere

When it comes to selling sterling silver jewelry, one doesn’t have to do much - it’s indeed a retail rockstar for the following reasons:
  1. Super affordable

How expensive is sterling silver? Honestly, not too much! Unlike other lavish jewelry, sterling silver is comparatively affordable. This means you can treat yourself with a sterling silver band ring without actually having to burn a hole in your pocket.
  1. Remarkably durable

Your sterling silver bijou may seem all flimsy-dimsy but it’s actually sturdier than it seems. Unlike pure silver, it’s not very malleable, thanks to that 7.5% of copper! That’s hard to believe, we know.
  1. Bewitchingly appealing

As if we needed to say this. No one - absolutely no one despises this argent thing! Be it rings, pendants, or watches - sterling silver, in all its forms, manages to appeal to everyone. It’s so subtly charming.
  1. Never goes out of style

Just like class, sterling silver never goes out of style. Thanks to how elegant it is, sterling silver was treasured back when smartphones didn’t exist and it’ll be treasured even when smartphones have become an antique. Mark our words!
  1. Easy to care for

Unlike other dainty things, sterling silver doesn’t require much pampering. Just clean it with a soft cloth after every use and you’re good to go.
  1. Great for daily use

Now, this is going to cast a lasting impression on those who aren’t big on bling-bling! Sterling silver accessory is easy to look after, pretty affordable, and extremely stunning. The perfect recipe for amazing daily wear jewelry.
  1. Endless options

Sterling silver is an absolute delight for those who are choosy with their bijou. Whatever your style may be, sterling silver never disappoints.
  1. Non-allergic

Thanks to the sumptuous amount of silver in it, sterling silver without nickel makes for a hypoallergenic metal. So, you can wear it without having to worry about rashes and skin infections.
  1. Very versatile

Another reason why it’s a popular choice for retail. Sterling silver is super versatile and meddles gracefully with every outfit, every attire. From ethnics to formals, sterling silver for the go!
  1. More than just jewelry

If properly cared for, sterling silver jewelry can last for a long time. In many families, it is passed down from one generation to another as a mark of tradition, love, and eternity. Such pieces of jewelry are not your everyday ornament - they’re looked upon as vintage, prized possessions and have an unfathomable emotional value etched to them.

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The ultimate mark of elegance

Sterling silver jewelry is a class-apart accessory. It’s beautiful, minimal, and a symbol of undying elegance. Next time when you go out shopping for that much-awaited event, buying silver jewelry has to be on the list. Trust us, you’re going to thank yourself later.

Some common FAQs:

Q. What is sterling silver jewelry?
Ans. Sterling silver is the most premium quality alloy of silver.

Q. Is sterling silver expensive?
Ans. No, sterling silver is relatively cheaper.

Q. Is sterling silver good quality?
Ans. Yes, sterling silver is durable and extremely high-quality.

Q. Is sterling silver good for everyday wear?
Ans. Yes, sterling silver can be worn daily.

Q. How much is 925 silver worth?
Ans. Roughly, 925 silver costs around $20.54/troy ounce.

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    Sterling silver jewelry is much better than silver jewelry. Because people prefer sterling silver jewelry to silver jewelry. I am a retailer in the USA of sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver is much less in price than silver and has the same shine as original silver. It is a great metal for daily use. We have an option for gemstone jewelry in sterling also.

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