Snake Jewelry Ancient Meaning & Symbolism From Gemexi As Snakes: A Victorian Symbol Of Eternal Love

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  • Updated On Jul 30, 2021
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Snake Jewelry Ancient Meaning & Symbolism From Gemexi As Snakes: A Victorian Symbol Of Eternal Love

They say every beautiful thing has a price tag attached to it. Well, doesn’t this saying just totally sums up how it feels to own a piece of extravagant jewelry? Yes, it completely does! But hold up - beautiful jewelry is a lot more than just any expensive eye candy. From studded earrings to rustic necklaces – every piece of jewelry has its own meaning. And interestingly enough, a particular piece of jewelry can host a multitude of symbolism. One fascinating example of this is the absolute stunner snake motif jewelry. Considered as a symbol of “eternal love” in the Victorian era, the snake shape jewelry is anything but a vaguely gorgeous piece of accessories. While the ancient definition of this statement jewelry is polysemous, the Victorian symbolism of the same motif is tremendously different. Want to know more? Here, check out this blog:

What is the ancient meaning of Snake Jewelry?

While in real life, snakes are the last thing we hope to stumble upon, the ancient meaning of the snake silver jewelry is like chalk and cheese. The symbolism of snake jewelry can be traced back thousands of years. And although there are quite a bunch of negative meanings associated with the snake symbol, history has it - there is a whole lot of positive and uplifting connotations related to this piece of jewelry also. For instance;
  1. First spotted in the land of pyramids, Egypt, this motif is considered to be a symbol of rebirth and eternity, royalty and their deity - Atum.
  2. In the US, silver snake jewelry represents healing and purification because of the creature’s ability to shed its skin and adapt itself as per the situation. Also, this motif sometimes portrays the “circle of life”.
  3. In the Chinese Zodiac, a snake gemstone pendant has tons of positive depictions. Wisdom, determination, philosophy, good luck, and longevity are amongst those. In fact, these reptiles also appear as mythical creatures in Chinese mythology!
  4. In India, snake charms are associated with fertility, rebirth, and death. Interestingly, this motif is also considered to be an omen of sensuality and erotica!
So, these are some of the interesting depictions of the snake jewelry found across different civilizations of the world. But one thing worth noticing is the fact that none of the above-mentioned cultures believed this symbol to be a portrayal of love. So why did Queen Victoria considered it to be a symbol of “eternal love”? Let’s find that out.


Why is snake jewelry considered a Victorian symbol of Eternal Love? Check out these facts:

Snake shape silver rings have always been a talk of the fashion town. Owing to their many mythological depictions and easy-fitting coiled shape, gemstone snake jewelry has always been popular among the masses. But it’s safe to say that this trend reached its summit when Queen Victoria was first stopped sporting an ethereally ravishing snake-shaped engagement jewelry.

In the late 1830s, Prince Albert proposed to the love of his life, Queen Victoria, by pulling out a snake-shaped ring. It is because of this particular reason why this motif ended up becoming a symbol of “eternal love” for the queen. And since then on, people all over the world consider this particular jewelry design as a sacred mark of love. So, if you’re also going to pop the question anytime sooner, we suggest you shop snake jewelry and propose the “royal” way.

The Bohemian silver snake jewelry has lately taken the world by storm because of how staggering they look. But most of us hardly know a thing or two about their deeply rooted and symbolic meanings. This article brings together the many diverse beliefs and definitions of the snake motif.

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