Reasons Why People Love Blue Quartz Palm Jewelry

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  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Reasons Why People Love Blue Quartz Palm Jewelry


Quartz is a popular gemstone which is available in a wide array of color options. Different color variants of quartz have different properties and beauty of its own. Amongst various types of quartz, blue quartz is a beauty of its kind and is a favourite amongst people who collect precious gemstones and unique jewelry. In the gemstone world, people love this stone because of its unique shape and size. Although quartz is abundantly found, this semi-precious stone is widely used in blue quartz palm rings, blue quartz palm earrings, and blue quartz palm pendants. Even the blue quartz palm necklace is also loved a lot by many people across the world. Amazing Silver blue quartz palm jewelry patterns can be found in blue quartz palm jewelry collection.

About the gemstone:

Blue Quartz is popularly known as Dumortierite and is usually palm-shaped. It comes with lots of healing powers and has been used since ancient times by the Middle Eastern and European civilizations. Apart from the palm shape, it is available or can be carved into different shapes such as drop, oval, etc. but the best one is usually thick and round with arches that curve towards the edges. This gemstone is considered to be associated with self-discipline and organizational ability of an individual. It brings along with it peace and positive energies by releasing fear and boosting expression and creativity.

Why is this gemstone loved?

Almost all of us want to get rid of our fear and boost confidence and stay organized. These things are essential for enhanced personality and professional as well as personal success. All these things can be achieved with blue quartz palm jewelry. It is known as palm jewelry as it easily fits into one's palm because of its unique shape, making it the best stone for meditation. Benefits and effects of bluestone quartz:

  • It has a calming effect on the mind when you hold it. It calms the nerves and soothes the senses giving a relaxed and peaceful feeling.
  • It releases negative energies and energy blockages thereby cleansing one’s aura.
  • It brings about self-discipline and orderliness in the person who uses this gemstone. Using it daily will make the user more organized.
  • It makes the wearer inclined spiritually by making his vision and thoughts more cohesive. This helps you to make better decisions in personal and professional life.
  • It enhances psychic abilities.
  • As it is associated with the Throat and Third eye Chakra, it leads to better communication between the upper and lower chakras for improved decision making.
  • The wearer becomes more conscious of his surroundings and can take control of his surrounding environment thereby leading to better sense, health and wellbeing.
  • If a person is suffering from depression, stubbornness, tension or scattered mind then this is the best stone to wear.
  • It can relieve diseases associated with thyroid, throat, parathyroid, spleen, blood and endocrine system.
  • It improves expression and creativity.




The beauty of blue quartz palm gemstone:

This gemstone is available in color variation from sky blue to dark royal blue color. There are white cloudy strokes on this gemstone enhancing its beauty and differentiating it from sapphire. This quartz stone looks amazing when used in jewelry after it is enhanced and shaped properly. The palm stone is perfect for meditation. It has been widely used in jewelry designs since ancient times. Since it is a semi-precious stone, it is quite affordable and yet looks classy.
The deep blue color of this stone is due to the content of cobalt in it. It is quite hard (around 6.5 to 7) and so it does not require much special care and will last longer. Good quality and smooth blue quartz palm stone would cost around $2-$50 per stone. Rare varieties can cost more than a hundred dollars. It is important to buy this gemstone from a reliable source to avail the best benefits out of this quartz.
You can avail wholesale blue quartz palm jewelry from this website at affordable rates. We ensure that the gemstones are pure and of high quality.

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