Blue Quartz Palm Stone Jewelry Collection

If you believe in the powers of healing through gemstones, crystals, and minerals there are various stones you could wear. But if you are looking for a holistic solution especially for calming your mind and making you more focused there is probably very few stones which are as effective as the Blue Quartz Palm Stone. Wearing a Blue Quartz Palm Stone jewelry will not only brighten your appearance but will also help you heal emotionally, physically and mentally far better. Like every other quartz known to mankind, the Blue Quartz Palm Stone is hard (though not as hard as diamonds) and that’s why is considered an ideal stone for jewelry making. Quartz has for ages been honored and revered by people living in Europe and the Middle East. The blue colored variant has significance because it literally fits into the palm of an adult hand. When you hold the stone within your palms, the muscles contract and finally relaxes. That’s why the stone is considered to have a calming effect on a person. 

Metaphysical Properties of Blue Quartz Palm Stone

When you decide to wear a beautiful Blue Quartz Palm Stone women’s jewelry, the first thing that you should think about is how it can help you heal. One of the primary effects of this stone on a wearer is that it helps in calming the person. If you are unsettled and un-nerved then you can actually feel the difference after you buy blue quartz palm stone. It is known to calm the emotional state of a person. You can bring orderliness and self-discipline into your life after wearing this stone. The stone is known to help clean one’s aura. Regularly wearing a jewelry piece having this stone will make you spiritually inclined. You will be in a better position to read and understand your thoughts. If you have dreams that you want to turn to reality, then you must consider wearing this stone because there has been ample evidence showing how effective this stone is in dream actualization. Among the many wonderful effects on this stone, one that is considered significant is its power to align the chakras, specifically Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. The stone also helps improve communication between the lower and upper chakras, which in turn helps you make better decisions in life. 

Beautiful Bond between Blue Quartz Palm Stone and Sterling Silver

You will come across several instances where sterling silver looks far better than other precious metals. This is one such instance. The vibrant blue color of the gemstone looks very good on a shiny silver base. You can easily consider this combination as one of your go-to jewelry solutions which complete every look. You will find a unique blue quartz palm stone jewelry collection only at Gemexi – one of the best online platforms for sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. 

Why Shop Jewelry Online From Gemexi

Gemexi is an online platform which has a large repository of gemstone jewelry. You can find almost every kind of gemstone sold here. We make jewelry using sterling silver which means we offer the best quality silver jewelry for you. We are constantly expanding our gemstones collection which is why you can find the rarest of rare gemstones only here. If you have till now looked in vain for Blue Quartz Palm Stone Jewelry online then your search ends right here. Browse through our collection and you will be amazed at what we have to offer. 

Quality Check And Customer Service

At Gemexi we believe that quality is over everything else. That’s why we have severe quality control checks over every item we make and ship. Almost everything that you see on our online store is hand made by the brilliant craftsmen residing in Jaipur – the gemstones capital of the world. These craftsmen are not only talented but have behind them generations of expertise and knowledge. The craftsmen have a sound base with traditional knowledge but are equipped to meet modern jewelry demands. That’s why we can proudly ship our gemstone jewelry items all over the world. We also have an excellent team of customer service executives who are constantly working to improve your shopping experience with us. 

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