Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry - Touch of Glimmer

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  • Updated On Jun 29, 2021
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Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry - Touch of Glimmer

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry – Touch of Glimmer

As the moon itself is ancient, the meaning of the Moonstone generally lies in its energy. This power and strength can give passion, nourish, and also awaken feminine energies. It can guide and heal one’s inner path. It provides glowing vitality that re-energizes the body and mind and also washes away the internal negativity. As it is covered with the powerful rays of blue, purple, and gold, Moonstone embraces perpetually with the shining white energy, and that forms it a protective gem. It also features glitters like a rainbow. 

It showcases a pearly shimmer, which is such a fantastic thing of beauty and holds a deep meaning. Its playful glimmer and mysterious name contain immense significance. Monks, spiritualists, devotees from different religions and shamans, highly value Moonstone and its energy.


Moonstone is a part of feldspars, which is a mineral family. It is a multicolored stone that can be either in pink, peach, gray, green, brown, blue, and yellow or colorless. Moonstone contains a play of light, which is known as adularescence, and transparent to opaque is the range of its clarity. 

India and Sri Lanka have high priced Moonstone. Blue moonstones have high value due to their rarity, and such stones can be found only in Sri Lanka. Rainbow moonstones are found mainly in India. The historic moonstone mines are generally found in the Adula Mountains of Switzerland. Other mines can be in Brazil, Myanmar, USA, Norway, Germany, Australia, Madagascar, Tanzania, and India.


Rainbow moonstone is the gem for wishes, balance, and intuition. It helps one in differentiating between what is actually needed and what is wanted in life. It generally disappears the negative energies present and also enables one to heal them. A bright rainbow moonstone gem will show a colorful luster and also contains more durable healing powers. 

This stone has always been used for protecting the wearer during voyaging at sea, night traveling, pregnancy or childbirth. Some wearers believe that it helps in retaining water, cleansing the digestive system, reduce obesity, and provides relief in menstrual problems. Rainbow moonstone is connected with the heart chakras, third eye, and crown, which help one in relieving and calming stress and releasing all kinds of love. Moonstone crystal has the healing property of balancing hormones.

Rainbow moonstone is considered a powerful gem as it has immense healing effects. It is a birthstone, balancing gem, sacred crystal, lucky stone, an eccentric jewelry piece, and also a wedding gift. Moonstone is from the moon’s magic and contains immense powers and energy. 


Many types of moonstone jewelry can be designed for men as well as women. Rainbow moonstone jewelry is loved and appreciated for its enchanting shimmers and also adds spark i.e., a touch of glimmer to one's outfit. Rainbow Moonstone jewelry is amazingly perfect in terms of special occasions and daily wear use. There are many jewelry designs that give a simple as well as royal look to the wearer. Gifting Rainbow moonstone jewelry is perfect because of the beautiful gemstone and mysterious shimmer. Rainbow moonstone is available in all types of jewelry like rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. It can be gifted on anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays as well. Moonstone is the birthstone of the June born people.

Bezel setting secures the Rainbow moonstone in jewelry and can be fitted in gold plated brass, mixed metals, sterling silver, or titanium. It is preferable to wear Rainbow moonstone on a necklace, which remains next to the heart, and makes one feel its glow, magical energy creating a positive aura in the surroundings. A legend once said that if a Rainbow moonstone necklace is gifted by one to their lover during the full moon, they will always be able to maintain a passionate relationship. This stone gives inspiration and also positive emotions. The different color reflections of Moonstone develop a beautiful combination that gains the attention of all. All have always admired rainbow moonstone jewelry for its uniqueness.


Moonstones are generally cut into cabochons, faceted, or beads. Cabochons are the best cut considered for Moonstone, as it shows the adularescence's natural phenomena within the stone. As faceted moonstones can hide inclusions in the gemstone, they are continuously increasing in terms of popularity. It is seen that rose cut is among the Moonstone's popular cuts as the texture and color of the stone is highlighted, which adds angles and depth. These gemstones can be carved. In the past, these gemstones were used at times for intaglios or cameos.


Steam cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners should be avoided for cleaning the Rainbow moonstone jewelry. Instead of this, warm water and mild liquid soap can be used. Add a few drops of liquid soap in water and soak in it the jewelry for about 3-4 minutes. Then, take out the jewelry from the water, and use a soft and gentle brush or wipe it gently with a wet cloth. Before storing it inside, it is essential to ensure that the jewelry is rinsed thoroughly and is dry. Moonstone is a soft stone and can lose its polish because of the scratches on its surface. It should be stored separately, in a fabric pouch or jewelry box. Moonstone should be kept away from excessive heat as it is sensitive to higher temperatures. 


There are several online stores that offer a wide variety of Rainbow moonstone jewelry. While buying online, it will be better for a buyer to ensure that they buy from a vendor who is a top-rated and proven track record. Some of the vendors have clear return policies and also offer authenticity certificates of Moonstone. In the case of expensive and rare Moonstone, it is better to get ensured that a gemologist has analyzed the Moonstone. In such a case asking for an authenticity certificate would also be a better option. 

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