Purpurite Stichtite value, price & jewelry information

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  • Updated On Jun 28, 2021
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Purpurite Stichtite value, price & jewelry information

Gemstones naturally form in all kinds of environments. Purpurite Stichtiteis one such stone that is formed due to the oxidation of manganese and iron with some leaching from lithiophilite. Though it is found on top of a mineral, it is also individually found in mass formations. Though technically it hasn’t been categorized as a crystal, it has an earthy shine which comes from the various hues that reside within. Though essentially it is a purple colored stone, tinges of brown, black, purplish red, and lavender are often found.

First discovered in 1905, Purpurite Stichtite was so named because of its distinct purple color. It is derived from the Latin word ‘purpura,’ meaning purple. It was discovered by L.C. Graton and W.T. Schaller. The best variety of this stone is found in Namibia though it has also been mined from Western Australia, France, and the USA. It is also found in Portugal and Sweden.

Why Wear Purpurite Stichtite Jewelry?

We agree that the bright purple color is enough to attract jewelry enthusiasts into wearing Purpurite Stichtite silver jewelry, but that’s not the only reason why you should consider it. Known for its metaphysical properties, Purpurite Stichtite removes blockages in self-expression. By doing so, it helps a wearer connect to their spiritual self far more easily.

Wearing silver purpurite stichtite jewelry helps to connect to the third eye chakra and to the crown chakra. It alleviates one’s understanding of their own thoughts and helps them process their circumstances better. The stone guides one to making adjustments so as to lead a more spiritual life.

Since it opens the doors of spirituality, it consequently also helps to get mental clarity. It forces us to take actions that bring a metamorphic change to our lives. It helps to understand the purpose of our lives better.


Value of Purpurite Stichtite

We are talking about a rare gemstone that is not readily found in all jewelry stores. That’s why you have to be very careful while buying a Purpurite Stichtite 925 silver solitaire ring or pendant. There are many fake dealers out there who sell low quality stones but make them all shiny and news by giving them an acid bath. Since it’s a sure shot way of glamming things up, you can easily be taken for a ride. Thus before you buy take a close look at cracks or divots. Pay special attention to the edges since a fake acid washed one will not have a smooth and complete finish.

However, if you are buying handmade Stichtite jewelry online, ask for the seller’s guarantee. An official certification must be produced by the seller. Alternatively, buy from a trusted online jewelry platform that is known for selling only high quality and unique jewelry items.

Power of Purpurite Stichtite Stone

As one of the purest and strongest stones in the purple spectrum, owning a Purpurite Stichtite is like getting your own piece of serenity in your hands. Whether you wear it as a bracelet that embraces your wrists or you wear it as shiny ear drops, their metaphysical property engulfs and beautifies your existence. It is a stress buster that helps you to beat exhaustion, anxiousness as well as work-like pressure.

It brings an overall positive impact of one’s existence and is a source of inspiration.


Where to Buy Wholesale Stichtite Jewelry Online

Since it is not easy to find Purpurite Stichtite in your regular jewelry stores, it is always a good idea to search online. Nowadays, there are many online stores in India selling unique and rare gemstones. But beware! Not all sell authentic pieces.

In this case, you can trust Gemexi – Indian online jewelry and gemstone platform that has carved a name for itself purely on the basis of its high quality gemstones and jewelry. Every item sold on the site is handmade, and the gemstones are sourced from the best places. Whether you want to buy Purpurite Stichtite silver jewelry at wholesale price or just one loose piece, you will get it all here.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today! We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Evelyn
    Sep 5, 2022, 7:20:13 AM

    Purpurite stichtite's purple color makes it beautiful. Stichtite helps a wearer connect to their spiritual self far more easily.

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