Power Of Wearing Colus Fossil Jewelry

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  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Power Of Wearing Colus Fossil Jewelry


We all are aware of fossils that are formed when the remains of plants, animals or insects are replaced by some other mineral. This is a slow process and it takes millions of years to form a fossil. Since ancient times, these fossils have been considered as priceless and powerful. Apart from research, fossils have become a lot popular in the jewelry world. Recently the silver Colus fossil jewelry has become popular like amber, sand dollars or ammonites jewelry.

Colus fossil is a type of agate. This means that it combines the power and properties of both fossils and agates. This makes it a lot more viable and special. Colus fossil is formed by the remains of a sea snail that existed around two hundred million years ago. The delightful patterns that are formed on this fossil stone make it an enchanting option for jewelry. It seems like these patterns are hand-painted by an artist, but in reality, these are naturally formed ones. So if you too want to buy this amazing stone for its healing properties and power then do read on what all Colus fossil jewelry can get you.

Healing Powers of Colus Fossil Jewelry Collection

Strong connection with the earth -- When you use this stone, you will feel a strong connection with Mother Earth and the environment. This will make you more concerned about the ecosystem and there will be a strong bonding between you and the Earth. 

Improves intuition -- This natural trusted item is used for improving intuition or sixth sense. The power of instinct gets increased. It will help you in watching the future and the wonderful possession, especially for the astrologists. 

Enhancing trust and self-confidence – Those who are looking for improving the level of confidence can take help from Colus Fossil as it will help in building the trust and self-confidence in you.

Providing stability – If you are confident and stable in your decision then Colus will help you in resolving this issue.

Prosperity in all areas of life – This wonderful gemstone is attracting an abundance of happiness in all the phases of your life. 

Providing courage in difficult situations -- if you are feeling a lack of courage in the difficult times, then this stone will help you in gathering the required boldness. This stone will provide you with essential courage so that you can come out easily from problematic situations. 

Forming a soothing atmosphere – This amazing gift of nature is used for creating a peaceful ambiance around you.



Colus Fossil Facts

·        Colus Fossil is an agate
·        It can be found in various beautiful colors
·        It is a natural gemstone cabochon
·        Colus fossils are having beautiful natural patterns
·        It can be cut and then polished 
·        It is also widely used in jewelry objectives and wire wrapping. It can be worked into jewelry forms which include Colus fossil rings, Colus fossil pendants, Colus fossil necklace, Colus fossil earrings, etc.
·        Wholesale Colus fossil jewelry is also available in market

Metaphysical Properties of Colus Fossil

Colus Fossil is used for cleansing the aura. It will help in removing all the negativity and will invite the positivity. Colus fossil will make you very optimistic. It is the best choice for people who are often surrounded by negative thoughts. When you use the lovely looking Colus fossil, it helps you keep away any sort of negativity including negative vibrations as well as the negative peoples. Colus Fossil is an agate which helps you in improving your concentration and enhancing your mental abilities. It also helps in improving the power of analyzing various matters. It will give you the feeling of security for the wearer. It will also help in controlling the anger.

Colus fossil Color

When it is about the color of Colus fossil, let us tell you that this wonderful treasure of nature comes in all the dark shades like black, grey, deep brown and the pale yellow. All these shades are very unique and natural. The patterns on all the specimens are unique and different. The lovely colors as well the patterns on the surface give a fabulous look to the amazing Colus fossil. When this gemstone is embarked on your jewelry, it definitely brings a delightful look to your jewelry collection.

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