Perfect Place To Wear Amethyst Jewelry

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  • Updated On Oct 16, 2020
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Perfect Place To Wear Amethyst Jewelry

Throughout history, there have been numerous evidence proving that amethyst is a sacred semi-precious stone that should be valued and honored. The alluring purple color of the stone is not its only attraction, once you know more about the stone, you will realize that it simply isn’t a beautiful stone but a powerful one as well. Amethyst has since time immemorial been considered a stone that helps heal the physical being. Ancient Greeks believed that wearing Amethyst jewelry could help you come out of intoxication. There are numerous similar stories of beliefs where amethyst has been said to help heal.

Before you decide to buy amethyst silver jewelry online, there are many interesting things worth knowing.

Cultural Significance of Amethyst

This purple-colored semi-precious stone is widely regarded for its healing properties. Since Amethyst is found all over the world, its metaphysical properties are valued in numerous cultures and religions. According to Hindu Vedic scriptures, Amethyst helps to pacify the angry Lord Shani, one of the most-feared Hindu gods. According to Hinduism, Amethyst also helps those in careers of knowledge, such as scientists, physicians, mathematicians, and research scholars. The British monarch continues to adorn their jewelry, especially their crown with radiant purple Amethyst stones. In earlier times, Egyptians have used Amethyst as a protective stone in the afterlife.  

What Makes Amethyst So Popular

Apart from the fact that Amethyst is a great healing stone and has been revered for centuries by many cultures, there are other reasons why it continues to be so popular even today. The purple quartz is a semi-precious stone which means that it is not very expensive. In ancient times, amethyst’s value was at par with that of emeralds and rubies but today it isn’t so. Moreover Amethyst is a hard stone measuring 7 on the Mohs scale. Since it is quite a hard stone, it can be craftily used for jewelry making purposes.

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Where You Can Wear Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst isn’t just a powerful healing stone. There is no way that you can ignore the sheer beauty of the stone. Amethyst is one of those gemstones which looks great when combined with sterling silver. Whether it is an amethyst silver pendant jewelry for sale that you are looking for or a ring, this is one gemstone that will also stand out. Below we have mentioned a few occasions where you can effortlessly wear amethyst jewelry. 

  • Daily Wear – Many women would think that since Amethyst is a purple colored gemstone it cannot be worn regularly. If you too think like this, you couldn’t be more wrong. The bright color of the gemstone is what makes it so wearable. You can choose to wear a pendant with your pantsuit and shine through all your meetings on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can also wear Amethyst earrings and pair them with a simple white summer dress to complete your look. 
  • Formal Wear – Apart from choosing to wear it to the office every day, you can also wear Amethyst for special formal occasions. During such times you can wear your fanciest sari or that one gown you take out only on special occasions and just let your gemstones do all the talking. 
  • Family Gatherings – If the occasion is a personal one where you are meeting your larger family after a long time, you can take out your Amethyst so that it shines on the occasion and steals everyone’s heart. 


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