New Line Of Herkimer Diamond Jewelry!

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
New Line Of Herkimer Diamond Jewelry!

“Are Herkimer diamonds equally expensive as diamonds?” This question has made its place in the mind of people. Well, first of all, Herkimer diamonds can be referred to as Herkimer Quartz Diamonds, Herkimer but cannot be called as diamonds only because they are not diamonds. Herkimer Diamond is a variety of quartz crystal that possesses a high level of clarity or brightness. They have an organic uncut-unpolished look and has a similar diamond-like geometrical shape. They are way economical than diamonds and when studded with silver, the jewelry items look breathtaking. We, Gemexi are shortly coming up with Herkimer Diamond Jewelry collection and therefore briefing the readers about the advantages and beauty of Silver Herkimer Diamond Jewelry.

Herkimer diamonds are a wondrous specimen. They are double terminated quartz with high vibrational energy. By double terminated, we mean that they have points on both the side. Herkimer diamonds are only mined in Herkimer country, New York. They are difficult to mine, limited in quantity and therefore become a valuable possession. The energy of Herkimer diamond manifests deep healing work. It works well with almost all the chakras but still preferred for the crown and third eye chakra, for connecting with your higher self and intuition. Herkimer Diamonds are great for intention setting, attainment, dream work and for accelerating your journey.


What makes Herkimer diamond jewelry fascinating is the interesting inclusions in it, there can be water bubbles or carbon deposits trapped in them. These inclusions make every piece unique and special. 

The Herkimer diamond is a perfect choice for people who want to follow the non-traditional path and still revel in the beauty as timeless as a diamond. The contemporary brides are ordering Herkimer diamond rings for their big engagement days and adding life long sparkle to their life. The Herkimer diamond rings are hugely considered as the best alternative to the expensive diamond rings.

For that matter, Herkimer diamond earrings and Herkimer diamond pendants are also stealing attention around. Wrapped in modern designs, the Herkimer diamond jewelry looks delicate and good to go for daily purposes.  They add that bling which every girl wants from buying a diamond.



We, at GEMEXI, are coming up with a really good New line of Herkimer Diamond Silver Jewelry. Be it be a pendant, necklace, ring, or earring, every design is a style statement in itself. The fine craftsmanship and the creative designs of our house make it absolutely worth every penny. The design is inspired by nature, modern patterns, geometric patterns, classic popular designs, and many more. We deliver quality even after dealing in quantity. If you want to place a wholesale order of Herkimer diamond jewelry then we are the right person. 


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