Natalie Portman - Her Electrifying Journey from a Struggling Model to a Well-Established Actress

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Natalie Portman - Her Electrifying Journey from a Struggling Model to a Well-Established Actress

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Born in 1981 in Israel, a famed actress Natalie Portman turns to Big in New York at Long Island. She was 11, when she started her modeling acts. Her first gape was unveiled in 1994 all over the world in the movie, The Professional. During her career trip, she earned her Psychology degree from Harvard. She was honored the Oscar for the Best Actress in 2010 for her amazing role of troubled dancer in the movie, Black Swan. Later, in 2012, she tied a knot with her true mate, Benjamin Millepied, a renowned dancer. This couple is too blessed with a adorable son, Aleph. 

Folk and Career Diary

Portman, in her childhood days, immigrated with her parents to United Sates. In the starting days, they stayed in Washington D.C. and later but finally got settled in Long Island sited in New York. 
She completed her schooling from Syosset High School, close to her residence. Once, at a pizza place, she was noticed by a Revlon cosmetic representative, from whom she got an encouragement to start her career as a model. That time she was just 11. 


Later, feeling bored at her modeling routine, she decided to try her luck in acting too. Later but too sooner, with her work with the Usdan Theatre Arts Camp, she started appearing in various local productions. 
Throughout her career, she received various awards:
•    In 2005, she won, Best Supporting Actress Award by Golden Globe Awards for the movie, closer. 
•    In 2011, for the Best Supporting Role in Anywhere but Here, she was awarded by Golden Globe Awards. 
•    She earned, the Best Actress Awards in 2010 and 2011 for her movie, Black Swan by Academy Awards, British Academy Film Fare Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards and so on. 

Style and Jewelry Gallery

Taking from 12 years of age and till date, there’s a drastic change in look and style of Natalie Portman. Her ultimate talent got molded into the international stardom as she nicely played Queen Amidala role in the movie Star Wars trilogy. 

Portman’s opulent red carpet appearance takes along her faved brands under the spotlight like Lanvin, Dior and Rodarte. 
Just a glimpse of Natalie in imagination, make us think of a pack of three, talent, beauty with brains. Being the part of Hollywood’s biggest league at just 13, she got raised with her eternal name. 
Even being a proud mother of 4 years old son, Aleph, her beauty complements her wardrobe, reflecting her timeless and sophisticated glamour. 

Whichever style she opts, Portman goes not only 100% even more than that, a pleased and content gawk. What she dons, complements her grace, her spectacular gape continues to touch an infinite end. 
Her love for precious and gaudy jewels alt her look like a gorgeous white swan, found between flock. 

All time favorite, Natalie Portman keeps it delicate with her stunning hairstyle and natural make-over. She doesn’t find it hard or take it as load to create and manage a “wow” factor. It’s not about one, two or any other countable clock, Portman always stole the shows. In fact, every girl’s simply clutches a desire of being like “Black Swan”.   
Let’s spot her out in expensive and ravishing jewels.

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