Let's Have Some Talk About Opal Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On May 9, 2020
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Let's Have Some Talk About Opal Jewelry

Opal gemstone is one among the wide variety of gemstones and can be described as slightly translucent. Opal gemstone is associated and related to Venus. Wearing of Opal jewelry brings happiness and love in one’s life. There are numerous benefits of Opal. This gemstone was formed with the combination of water and silica, in cracks as well as spaces, many years ago. It is considered as the most colorful gem from among all the gemstones and also the play of sparkling and dazzling colors, which makes it adorable and more beautiful when compared with other gemstones. There are many colors in which Opals are found, but the common ones are grey, white, slate, pink, black, and olive-brown. Opal is considered as Australia’s national gemstone, and the supply of most of the precious opal gemstones is from Australia. 

The appearance of natural Opal is generally milky or may have a woody yellow color in them. The Opal gemstones have different colors to display, which also has led to various theories related to its healing properties and effects. Synthetic Opals have slightly different features, lesser reflection spectrums, and lesser densities than that of the natural ones. Black Opals are considered to be fascinating. 

Opal gemstones create an aura, which brings energy to the entire system, thus clearing and soothing the emotional body and also boosting the willingness of one to live life with joy and happiness. It promotes enthusiasm, optimism, and creativity and also enables one to release inhibitions, thus inspiring passion and love. Opal enhances divine consciousness and also encourages flashes of insight and intuition. 

Bringing one’s characteristics and traits to the surface for examining as well as transforming is the most known ability of the Opal gemstone. Opal helps one to strengthen feelings, thoughts, desires, etc. It also helps in magnifying the negative attributes, enables one to understand its disadvantages, and assists in letting them go. Opal gemstone brightens emotions, decisive and positive actions of the wearer, thus enhancing the good and right in them and also help them in fostering their highest potential.

Opal helps the wearer in healing the emotional state of their past and also brings spontaneity, faithfulness, and loyalty. Opal stone encourages openness towards others and enables the wearer to observe new and positive things in the world. Apart from the various benefits, it is a protective gemstone which is mostly used for meditations and inner healing work. Opal also has specific healing properties, as discussed below:


  1. Opal stone treats infections and fevers and brings the wearer to a healthy state.
  2. Insulin levels are regulated by wearing Opal gemstone and related jewelry.
  3. An Opal ring can be beneficial for the wearer in purifying blood and clearing kidney infections.
  4. It also helps in the treatment of eye problems.
  5. An Opal ring also helps in solving the issues related to menstruation or childbirth.
  6. This gemstone promotes the regeneration of tissues and helps in healing blood disorders.


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