Jewelry Guide: Know the Meaning behind the Claddagh Rings

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Jewelry Guide: Know the Meaning behind the Claddagh Rings

Claddagh ring, the text might not be new to you but still, your mind requires getting clearer to know the actual meaning behind this opulent contour.

Origination of Claddagh

Historically associated with Ireland, the traditional motif of Claddagh rings is being sourced from the Roman Realm.

The designs bringing forward the Claddagh pattern have roots coming from the Roman Domain and getting the growth as employed to adorn the wedding and engagement finger bands while Renaissance was in a row. Today, it’s reminded at the large scale as an Irish Heritage icon and a Celtic mark and so at this time, it’s supposed to born in Ireland and Galway cities in the early 1600s.

About Claddagh Design

The Claddagh, renowned among all ring’s designs features the two hands that stand for friendship, grasping a sweet little heart meant for love often honored with a tiara that symbolizes loyalty. Since the Roman era, this fascinating contour has been taken as the best and foremost way to unveil the deep sensations of love and care.

If you are planning to explain the definition of your friendship, commitment, and love, to your partner, then Claddagh ring would be a great choice since ages it’s whispered to magnetize all your good luck.

Significance of Claddagh Ring

The tale is quite old, about centuries ago, the Claddagh rings were accepted as ancestral gifts that comes ladders down, from the grandmothers or mothers to their granddaughters or daughters bestowed on an auspicious occasion or a “Big Day” like the wedding day.

Today too the Claddagh rings are presented but for new and higher reasons:


However, a true friendship needs nothing to get explained or to expose. The best buddies do plan to give something unique and matchless gifts. The people like this, opt for Claddagh rings to make known their pious yet fragile bond in-between. Meant for a straight way of hope, this ravishing pattern of rings, make the wearer open, deep from his heart to make him feel free to express his love.

Wearing this ring on right-hand finger with the heart not pointing wearer from front indicates the owner is still single and would soon get mingle.

Engagement or Promise Rings

Whispered to be picked as a gift of marriage or commitment, Claddagh rings symbolize the genuine and undemanding love.

Wearing this ring in a finger of right with the heart facing the wearer seems that the guy is occupied. This motif of the rings usually festooned with spectacular gems of emeralds or diamond, enhances the ornate gawk                

Irish Legacy

People tumbling down from descendants of Irish are found much-carrying Claddagh rings for which it epitomizes the link and pride for their heritage.

Different Styles

Although Claddagh rings are usually found expressing the motif with two hands gripping a little heart, too there are other numbers of customized shapes that are employed personalizing this unique pattern. Let’s look down a few of them:

  • Men’s Rings: Not only for females, but Claddagh also comes for males too. Its designs goes with the tough and stiff physique of them, quite heavier and thick. It’s usually carved in the form of a band.
  • Fenian Rings: The crown of the heart goes missing in this pattern of Claddagh. It’s being missing since the 1800s which is believed to exhibit freedom from British ru         
  •  Puzzle Rings: This Claddagh style arrives with little more complexity in the contour which hides some more mystery in addition. The band part of the ring seems to be interlocked by an attached bolt which allows the carrier to twist to move them apart.
  • Colorful Gemstones: To append a personal feel to Claddagh pattern of rings, the heart-shaped gemstone embellished shape replaces the metal heart. This opulent and enthralling charm may be the birthstone of the owner.
  • Additional Symbols: In this pattern, the main emphasis is given to the Celtic symbols like an Irish symbol and an infinite knot mark that reveal continuity.


Exceptional Selects

Apart from rings, Claddagh comes with the other types of jewelry too like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The style you choose may go distinctive but a fact is for sure that the history and meaning behind the Claddagh rings utter their adorable and treasured status in the hearts of the people giving and wearing it.

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