How to Wear & Style your Dioptase Jewelry & Where To Buy At Low Price?

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  • Updated On Jun 24, 2021
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How to Wear & Style your Dioptase Jewelry & Where To Buy At Low Price?

A jewelry aficionado doesn’t just love diamonds and rubies. There are so many other kinds of gems in this world that a true jewelry enthusiast will seek them, own them and wear them with pride. Among the 200 known gemstones to mankind, some have been categorized as precious and others as semi-precious. Irrespective of the category, every known gemstone is a marvelous creation of nature which should be appreciated and loved.

One such beautiful stone is Dioptase – a translucent crystal with an intense emerald-like blue-green color. It has copper deposits within it and is typically mined from copper mines. They look a lot like emeralds and are considered to be their close replications. Unfortunately, dioptase jewelry tends to be softer and fragile and that’s the only reason why they haven’t flooded the markets like they should.

Even though dioptase silver jewelry are soft and fragile, if properly cared for they make the best ornaments for women. It is however important that youbuy the best quality that’s available in the market so that you do not compromise on quality.

Origins of Dioptase

Dioptase was first found in Kazakhstan in the 18th century. The miners had expected emerald but what they found was a lookalike. It was first categorized by J.C. De Lamétherie who called it a ‘primitive version of emerald’. The gem was given its name by René Just Haüy who combined two Greek words ‘dia’ meaning through and ‘optasia’ meaning vision to symbolize the fact that one could see a secondary facet through the stone when it is tilted in the light.

Jewelry for Spiritual Healing

Apart from its close resemblance to emerald, Dioptase stone jewelry is considered highly valuable in terms of its spiritual manifestations. The stone is very powerful in self-healing. If you are dealing with anger issues and carrying its weight around, not only are you bogging yourself down but also emanating negative energies that do not help anyone. Wearing Dioptase helps to control the anger and realize the negative energies that harm more than they help. This stone helps to calm and let go of resentment. It also helps to see things and situations from different situations which are beyond our control. In short, the stone helps to be less cynical and more joyous.


How to Wear Dioptase Jewelry

As rare gemstone jewelry, you may not find too many recommendations on how to wear it. Today we shall share some of the best ways to wear this stunning green Dioptase jewelry.
  1. As Earrings – Emerald earrings are always in vogue but they are expensive. Try the super exclusive Dioptase earnings as studs or drops and see heads turn.
  2. As Pendants – The beautiful green color is perfect for a silver chain and pendant combination which can complete the look of any evening gown.
  3. As Rings – A statement ring is very much in fashion today. Try out the all new Dioptase rings on sterling silver. It is one of the best Dioptase jewelry ideas that you can try.
Combining Dioptase with sterling silver is like a match made in heaven. Sterling silver is quite popular the world over as the go-to choice for jewelry enthusiasts who look for cheaper options. The best quality sterling silver can give Dioptase the strong base that it requires. Next time, you want to wear a new gemstone try Dioptase but don’t forget to team it up with sterling silver.

Where to Buy Wholesale Dioptase Jewelry Online?

Though there are many online jewelry stores, not all sell unique gemstones. But one store which does is Gemexi. You can buy dioptase sterling silver jewelry at wholesale price here and also order individual pieces according to your wish. The online platform has a wide range of gemstones that are carved into sterling silver by master craftsmen. You can trust every piece that is listed on the site and know for sure that you are getting the best deal.

This jewelry store assures not just quality but also quantity. So, if you are a wholesaler looking to make bulk orders, this is just the place for you. Every order is expedited and quickly processed so that they are quickly delivered to you.

The store has the best deals on offer which means that you can get Dioptase at low prices. Don’t wait for the offers to dry up. Order today!

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