Cultural, History Of Native American Jewelry

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  • Updated On Jun 27, 2022
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Cultural, History Of Native American Jewelry

Have you ever thought of donning jewelry that got invented thousands of years ago? Well, the remarkably beautiful and unique cultural jewelry of native american jewelry tribes is one such option!
No matter what trend stays or goes, one trend is always there to stay in the fashion scenario! Yes! The amazing trend of cultural jewelry! There are different kinds of jewelry out there in the market, but native American jewelry has always been the number one choice of people. A lot of jewelry lovers try to look for various alternatives that can go with their cultural as well as casual dresses and they always love to wear and flaunt the beautiful native american turquoise jewelry. Though a lot of people love this jewelry, they don’t know the history involved in this kind of jewelry. It is believed that this jewelry was worn by various American tribes in the past, and as time emerged, so did its style! Presently, this jewelry has become one of the most glamorous jewelry options in the market. Here is a brief history of cultural jewelry of Native American tribes:

A Brief History Of Cultural Jewelry Of Native American Tribes

The interesting history of native american jewelry goes back to 10,000BC. It is believed that Paleo Indians were the first ones who used various kinds of shells, stones, and feathers and turned them into tempting jewelry pieces. The stones involved turquoise, copper, and various other special kinds of stones. Along with the stones, different natural elements like wooden parts and feathers were also used to carve alluring jewels including rings, earrings, etc. Native American rings, Native American earrings, and Native American feather jewelry are still one of the biggest trends in the market. People at that time used various clothes, shells, stones, and wooden parts and turned them into an attractive necklace. Today, the enhanced version of this cultural jewelry can be seen in many different styles and patterns.

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Why do american tribes use this native american jewelry?

Unlike the present times when all of us have multiple ways to flaunt our styles and status, the people of the past had fewer choices in the same regard. One of the important ways to express high standards and status was to wear this aesthetic jewelry. Anybody wearing this attractive jewelry was considered well off and opulent. In other words, wearing this jewelry was a strong way to depict riches and wealth. In addition, if any kinds of trades or deals were done between two tribes or groups of people, it was done in exchange for jewelry. So, this native jewelry acted as a token of money too! A good time passed by and later in the 1800s the Zunis along with the help of Spanish people tried crafting authentic Native American silver jewelry, which became immensely famous worldwide. Later on, the Navajos adopted some designs and American native jewelry was called Navajo jewelry and a lot of people still call it the same which is also considered to be a sign of richness.

How did Native American / Navajo jewelry become famous in the modern era?

We all know that anything that has something glamorous or something unique involved in it, trends worldwide nowadays. The authentic native american jewelry collection offers multiple choices and patterns to fashion and jewelry-loving people. Here are some of the focus points that suggest why this jewelry is famous and coveted worldwide.
  1. The style quotient of this style of jewelry is one of the best among any other kinds of jewelry in the market. This style of jewelry can be worn with casuals, formals, and with various kinds of cultural dresses as well. Hence, the adaptability feature of this jewelry is one main reason why people like it so much!
  2. A lot of people like wearing this mens native american jewelry because of the ancient history associated with it. Choosing to wear this jewelry simply speaks about one’s interest in the past as well as in the origin and history of various objects.
  3. This style of native american beaded jewelry was seen worn by lots of famous models on the ramp which attracted attention from millions of people worldwide! Therefore, the jewelry soon touched the heights of popularity. Today, many jewelry aficionados have their cherished collection of native American rings and native American earrings.
  4. Another unique feature of this vintage native american jewelry is that it comprises different natural elements. Bringing the beauty of different natural things together in the form of jewelry, the native american turquoise jewelry is surely one of its kind!

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All in all, this style of jewelry is one of the best around the world and it is not only because of the history involved behind it, but it is due to its originality, its style, and the grace that it has to offer. This style offers a look full of ingenuity and imagination. You too can own this unique jewelry by exploring the vivid and wide range of wholesale native american silver jewelry online. This fact alone that the alluring jewelry got invented around 10000 BC is quite enough to get fascinated towards it! Native American jewelry is not only famous in America; it is now famous all around the world. The most interesting part is that you can explore a comprehensive range of designs in this compelling jewelry. Explore the various options to buy this vintage native american jewelry, mens native american jewelry online, and get ready for a captivating look!

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  • Jayleen
    Aug 2, 2022, 5:50:13 AM

    The Native American jewelry shows opulence, prosperity, and love for our culture. In my country(America), many tribes wear native jewelry and show their penchant for their culture.

  • Persia
    Dec 6, 2022, 9:24:13 AM

    Navajo jewelry is trending and goes well with different attire.

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