Hamsa, the Hand of God Jewelry Fabulously Handcrafted, Check It Out!

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Hamsa, the Hand of God Jewelry Fabulously Handcrafted, Check It Out!

Popular all over in North America and the Middle East, a palm in shape charm, Hamsa, is crafted in jewelry and decorative items like wall hangings.




Traditionally used, the hand of god jewels holds a history in its opulent gape. Not getting deeper, let’s have a short trip about Hamsa, the hand of god jewelry.


Traced from Iraq, Hamsa seems to come from this place. Universally known as a protection sign, this right Hand of God motif designed on the artifacts of Inana. Depending upon the hand, the other divine protection symbols too involves the Hand-of-Mary and Hand-of-Venus.



Being a guard for the women, these safeguard them from the evil eye effect, enhance their lactation and fertility and leads to healthy pregnancies. When talking about the ancient period, the woman used to carry much pressure and too the expectations to become a mother.  It was used to offer strength to these ladies in their tough days.


Symbol Relation

The shape of “Hand of God” actually related to a faith that God is everywhere even resides there. Horus, the sky of God, has a relation to the other meaning of Hamsa.  It’s like the Horus Eye; this means that the owner can’t get freed from the ethical eyes.

Hamsa, too says that the moon and the sun are the two Horus’s eyes. Alleged to be protective for the carriers from the dangers and evil, this jewelry is employed much.


The five fingers of the Hand of God makes the beings remind of using their five senses to admire the God.


The Hand, too known as Khamsa is a right hand that is open and stands for safety. Also, it represents the strength, power and blessings and holds a power to defend the evil eye approaching the wearer.

Traditionally Hamsa was believed to offer purity and to clutch the magical powers is carved from the silver metal.


Too with the red and some of the times with the blood of the sacred animals, the Hand of God is painted on the walls of the homes. Even it is hung on the gateways of the rooms of the expected mothers or newbie.


Believed to spell off the evil, the Hamsa is also depicted to attract the good luck towards the owner. Sometimes to give off a stylish façade to this jewel type, the fingers are designed in five rounds surrounding a circle at the center that offers a glimpse of a palm.

The Hand of God even carved with an eye at the center that is alleged to protect from the malicious stare that may cause illness or even death.


Held to be the national emblem of Algeria, the Hamsa is quite known for Berber and Arabic culture.

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