Gold, Silver and Platinum, that's all for jewelry metals? No..! Explore for more!

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Gold, Silver and Platinum, that's all for jewelry metals? No..! Explore for more!

Do you really think your choice for the jewelry metals limits to silver, gold and platinum? No, this is not the much. Knowledge of many beings in this regard limits to this. But, this stream is wide.

Did you know the best metal for jewelry and other attributes are going to tell the story of the style that would-be-fiancée don?

Picking a platinum or gold ring for your ‘Big’ day will seems like following the herd. Speaking as stated by a survey, every 2nd women of this globe opt for these metals. You might not want to taste this sour flavor.

So, let’s delve into the world of jewelry metals which is still required to lighten up our knowledge bulb.


Platinum, an expensive metal among all, was first out in the market to be used for military in the wartime. So, we may think how brawny this metal is its glimpse and ravishing gawk. Since decades, platinum has been the top pick for all the jewels including the  engagement ring.
Platinum, with soft white gaze weighs quite heavier. Its hardness gives a sharper and precise look to the embellished gems. Its contribution in jewelry ranges from 90% to 95%.

cartier platinum ring


Gold, carried as a standard choice for jewelry is whispered to offer warmness with distinctive tint and ravishing luster.
gold ring

Along with its companion, the color of gold gets pretentious. The general options are:


Yellow Gold

When gold forms a team with copper and silver reveals gold mixed hues.

yellow gold ring


White Gold

The combination of zinc, copper and nickel or silver with palladium gives rise to this white metal. The white metal jewelry is one of the major choices among the rest.

white gold ring

Rose and Pink Gold

With the raising fame, the gold with copper gets turn into reddish color. The increasing mass of copper escalates the red hue of the metal.


rose gold ring

Green Gold

Silver plus gold gives yellowish-green tone to the metal.

green gold ring



Still holding the values, silver, once was treated as a valuable metal even more than the gold. Today, it’s more affordable than the yellow one.

silver ring

Another metal which is seems to be alike silver named, sterling silver is the blend of pure silver and copper. This adds strength to it; however it’s having added potent as compared to silver.

Jewels stamped with “.925” hold 92.5% pure silver which is sterling silver.


Other Metals

Beyond the world of these three common metals, there still exists a place where durable, modern looking and lightweight metals lives. These metals are on top priority in some areas.  

These might not be the typical one, but bestows a contemporary gape to the wedding jewels that will even go well with the platinum or gold metals.


Stainless Steel

Growing with its name, this metal is famed for its durability, strength and the chief one affordability. Its modern glimpse magnetizes the attention of the wearers.

stainless steel ring.
10.5% of chromium when mixed with steel, Stainless steel is formed.



White hued alloy, cobalt was born to serve the aerospace and medical industries but today, it’s employed to shape up the fine jewelry.
cobalt ring
With the bright gape, this metal gives a glimpse identical to platinum.



Used since ages for various applications in industries, now, titanium is accomplishing its prominence in contouring wedding jewels. If you are looking to offer a unique and modish touch to your jewels, then this metal with be the best pick.
titanium ring
Be it, silver, grey or black, the titanium jewels are too coupled with other metals that append satin or an elegant finish to the ornaments.

So, this much for the jewelry metal breeds, now it’s your turn to opt among the best of your picks.

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