Engagement Ring Trends For Brides in 2021

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  • Posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Engagement Ring Trends For Brides in 2021

Marriage isn’t just an official relationship status. It doesn’t only involve the exchange of a couple of sacred vows between two individuals. It is the harmony of two souls, a life-long commitment to swear by. Especially for a bride, a wedding is nothing but perhaps one of the biggest days of her life. So obviously, no bride would want to look anything but straight-up sensational on a day this big. And for this to happen, do you know what’s the first and certainly the most important thing that must be nothing less than a total stunner? Yes, it’s the engagement ring!

So, if you are a bride-to-be who hasn’t shopped for her engagement ring yet, keep your eyes peeled for this article and find out about the hottest engagement ring trends of 2021. But first, let’s see what’s the actual biggie about an engagement ring.

What Makes An Engagement Ring So Important?

For our brother, or sister, or friend, or maybe ourselves - at least for once in our life, all of us must have spent hours of time and thousands of bucks looking for that perfect engagement ring. Yet, how many of us really know what’s the reason why they’re so important? We bet, very few. But hey, don’t worry. Check out the 3 top reasons why engagement rings are so held in importance and enlighten yourself :
  • The symbol of love

Love is a magical feeling, something everyone wishes to cherish all their life. And trust us, whoever coined the idea of presenting the love of their life with a precious gemstone handmade jewelry or ring, understood this assignment just right! No wonder why people don’t mind spending money like water when it comes to choosing an engagement ring - after all, at the end of the day, it really is the ultimate symbol of love.
  • The sign of commitment

Okay, let’s admit this here - love is a beautiful feeling, but it’s also pretty tricky. You like someone one day, and the very next day you’re suddenly over them. So, it’s actually quite momentous to finally stumble upon the person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. But the question is, what do you do to show them your love, your fidelity? You guessed that right - you take out an engagement ring!
  • A traditional requisite

An engagement ring is worn in the “ring finger” because the Egyptians believed it strengthens love as the finger was thought to be connected to the “vein of love”. So you can say that engagement is super crucial from the traditional point of view as well.

Some Of The Most Trending Engagement Ring Trends For Brides In 2021

In this ultra-modern era, no bride would want to sport an engagement ring that is too yesterday. So, here are 5 of the latest engagement ring trends for the modern bride :
  • Banded rings

Legit is the hottest engagement ring trend of all! Banded engagement rings are prevalent because they look sublimely unique. The stacking bands contrast with the center stone, making it look more accentuated. And come on, who doesn’t want to swank their “symbol of love” in all its glory?!
  • Purely minimal rings

Simple handmade Minimalist petite rings have always been the talk of the town. Men or women, extravagant or frugal - minimalism is something that appeals to everyone. And maybe that’s the reason why a simple, classic solitaire ring is anything but a no-no, whether it’s 2001 or 2021.

  • Personalized rings

This is hands down the best trend so far! A personal touch has the power to amp up the essence of anything. Be it gifts, clothes, or jewelry - personalization is the “secret sauce” for making things more intimate, more special. So if you ask us, we’re fully supporting this newfound trend of personalized handmade engagement rings. Get your engagement ring embossed with the initials of your partner and flaunt it like a queen!
  • Classic x Modern rings

A classic ring with a modern twist? We are down for it! Why? Well, it’s actually quite simple - one can possibly never go wrong with any sort of engagement ring trend that has been passed down for generations. And adding a modern touch to it is nothing but a genius way of revamping the ring and owning it. So, voila!
  • Colored diamond rings

Diamonds are a girl’s, first love. But thanks to colored diamonds, we also have options now. Red, green, blue, yellow - choose your hue and express yourself the millennial way through your band of love.

Different Gemstone Engagement Rings & Their Meaning

It’s high time we move over solitaire diamonds for an engagement ring. Believe us, there are far too many startling gemstone engagement ring options available out there. In fact, they also carry a deep meaning with them
  • Emerald

Lush green emeralds aren’t just a treat to the eyes. They typify happy, sound marriage. Now you know why Halle Berry went for an emerald engagement ring!

  • Champagne Diamond

This swoon-worthy gemstone engagement ring symbolizes celebration, support, and unending commitment. Good reason to buy wholesale gemstone jewelry, ain’t it?
  • Almandine Garnet

As the intense red color suggests, the almandine garnet engagement ring embodies continual passion, unconditional love, and protection of the partner.

Choosing engagement rings for men and women is a task, thanks to the fickling trends. So here in this article, we decided to tick this trouble off your list and update you with the hottest engagement ring trends of 2021.


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