Do You Need Any Occasion To Wear Mexican Fire Opal?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Nov 15, 2022
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Do You Need Any Occasion To Wear Mexican Fire Opal?

When you hear about the Fire Opals, you think they are very much similar to the opals, with just a lot of Red color. But these Mexican Fire Opals are very different from the usual opals. Opals are white and transparent in color, and they show almost all the rainbow colors. But when it comes to the Mexican Fire Opals, they can be transparent and also translucent. They can be found in orange, bright yellow, red, or even brownish. These stones have Iron in them, and that is what gives them that orange color. They are one of the best stones to enhance the look of your boring stone jewelry. 

If you wish to add more glamour to your boring accessories, then try the Mexican Fire Opal jewelry silver collection, and you are going to love them for sure. Its color is so attractive that you don’t even need an occasion to wear the Silver Mexican Fire Opal Jewelry. 

Amazing healing properties: - Silver Mexican Fire Opal Jewelry does not just add a great look to those who wear them but also has some amazing healing properties of Mexican Fire

  1. Lower back and kidney-related problems can be healed with the help of this amazing Mexican Fire Opal stone. 
  2. Traumatic memories can also be healed with the help of this stone. 
  3. Heartache can also be healed with the help of this stone. 
  4. People with low self-confidence or people who feel shy will also find it beneficial as it enhances their self-confidence levels. 

So, check out the best Mexican Fire Opal jewelry collection to enjoy the best healing properties of this stone. 

Try them in different ways:

Whether you want to go with the traditional way of wearing stones like Mexican Fire Opal rings or you want to try a different way like Mexican Fire Opal pendants, Mexican Fire Opal necklaces, or Mexican Fire Opal Earrings, you should try to pair them with some equally bright and contrast colored stones. This will not only enhance the look of the Mexican Fire opal stone but will also give a grand look to the jewelry you will try. Pink Topaz and yellow Mexican fire opals can make a great combination. Likewise, you can even combine purple amethyst with orange or bright yellow Mexican fire opals. You can check out the Wholesale  Mexican Fire Opal Jewelry stores for some amazing designs and combinations of stones. 

Try it in a bigger way:

When you are looking for a truly amazing and stunning piece of jewelry with Mexican Fire opals, you should try them in a bigger size. Yes, rather than a small stud like Mexican Fire Opal Earrings or the usual Mexican Fire Opal rings of a small store, why don’t you try them in long and large sizes? Try some earrings made of fire opal beads. They look small, but their beauty is definitely stunning. 

Try the right metal combination:

Whether Mexican Fire Opal pendants or Mexican Fire Opal necklaces or even simple rings or earrings, it is very important to pick the right metal for it. Usually, many people pick yellow gold for jewelry, but that is definitely not the right choice. The metal and the stone can get mixed up and look dull. You should go with platinum or white gold that adds a different look to the piece of jewelry you choose. Brass or copper can also be picked as they are also a great combination with Fire opal stone. If you are wearing it as a gemstone, then you need to talk to your astrologer for choosing the right metal. 

Handle with a little care:

Mexican Fire Opal stones contain water in them, and as time passes, they can get dry. So, it is very important to take good care of them. You need to clean them every time you use them. You can use a soft cloth for cleaning it. When using water to clean, just use a mild detergent and not harsh chemical-based cleaners. It can also break the stone. The structure can get damaged. You can even talk to your Wholesale  Mexican Fire Opal Jewelry store for more cleaning and care tips. 

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