Crazy Turquoise Gemstone Stories of Your Favorite Celebrity

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Dec 20, 2023
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Crazy Turquoise Gemstone Stories of Your Favorite Celebrity

Turquoise jewelry, with its unique charm and cultural significance, deserves meticulous care to retain its allure. By adopting gentle cleaning practices, avoiding harsh chemicals, and following proper storage and wearing habits, you can ensure that your turquoise jewelry remains a source of joy and beauty for generations to come. Remember, a little attention goes a long way in preserving the timeless elegance of your turquoise treasures.

Stars are always in the limelight for their lifestyles and relationships, but their obsession with gemstone jewelry differs. Here, we show you a list of international stars with crazy stories for Turquoise gemstone jewelry.
  1. Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz was known for her versatility as an actress, successfully transitioning between comedic and dramatic roles. She retired from acting in 2018 and has focused on other ventures, including writing. In addition to her acting career, Diaz is an author and co-authored books on health and wellness. Diza always wears a  turquoise ring in her hand as a luck charm.
  1. Jill St. John
Beyond acting, Jill St. John has been involved in various philanthropic and business ventures. She has also co-authored cookbooks. She has an excellent obsession with Turquoise Silver Jewelry.
  1. Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen is known for her talent, versatility, and contributions to television and film. Her career has spanned decades, and she remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry. Candice Bergen has had a successful film career, appearing in movies such as "Carnal Knowledge" (1971), "Starting Over" (1979), and "Miss Congeniality" (2000). She always wears turquoise as a stone of success.
  1. Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen's contributions to cinema and his enduring legacy as an iconic figure in the entertainment industry continue to be celebrated by film enthusiasts worldwide. Steve McQueen had a necklace with a chain that connects and a pendant made of silver and turquoise.
  1. Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp's career has been marked by his unconventional roles, artistic collaborations, and his status as a cultural icon. While his personal life has been a topic of public discussion, his impact on the film industry is significant.
 Their impact on the fashion and film industries is considerable, and he is recognized for his influential and iconic contributions to both fields. Johnny Depp has a unique style statement. He always wears chunky jewelry made with sterling silver turquoise.
  1. Salman Khan
Salman Khan is one of the most bankable and beloved stars in Bollywood, and his contributions to the Indian film industry have made him a significant figure in the world of entertainment. Salaman Khan always carries a silver turquoise bracelet as his father, Salim Khan, gifted their lucky charm.


In conclusion, these global stars weave personal tales through their gemstone choices, turning jewelry into more than just adornments. Each piece resonates with unique stories, from Cameron Diaz's lucky turquoise ring to Steve McQueen's iconic silver and turquoise necklace. These gems reflect not just style but a fusion of personal narratives, adding a touch of sentiment to the glittering world of celebrity.

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