Best Sources Of Thai Silver Jewelry?

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  • Updated On May 9, 2020
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Best Sources Of Thai Silver Jewelry?

Thailand is exceptionally famous for artisans’ jewelry designs and has gained a wonderful reputation in their artistic creations. The Hill country of Thailand is famous for Thai Silver. Thai Jewelry is unique and beautiful and is made by different Hill Tribes. Hill tribe consists of the people who reside in the Northern and Western regions of Thailand. The hill tribe people generally wear jewelry made of Thai Siver such as Silver earrings, rings, etc. Karen Hill tribe is the largest of these groups. Hmong, Akha, Lahu are also some of the groups who specialize in making Thai silver jewelry. Thai jewelry is high in demand these days and is famous all over the world.

Thai Silver Jewelry

The silver contained in the Thai Silver Jewelry is 97.5-99% pure silver and is known for its high level of purity. The Thai silver jewelry is pleasing to the eye with its intricate silverwork, and the silver in it does not tarnish. The Silversmiths of these tribes are respected for there fine craftsmanship. Every member of the Thai family is involved in handcraft jewelry and the creation of silver beads. They hammer silver sheets and mold them to give the shapes of objects related to nature, such as fish, oceans, flowers, butterflies, leaves, etc. Each piece of Thai jewelry is unique and one of a kind.

Thai Silver Jewelry is unique and gives the Symbolic Presence. The Thai silver bracelets are the most common as they are generally bigger and are hand stamped. They are well known for their engraved silverwork. Thai Inlay jewelry is the perfect example of how Thai people put their efforts and time to create a perfect ornament. They hammer silver sheets and give them beautiful shapes; the making of these types of jewelry requires great skills as they are made with such intricate details. The Thai silversmiths are talented and hardworking; they can construct any kind of shape that one could dream up.

The Thai earrings are usually ethnic and are famous among the tribe people, and the rings are beautifully handcrafted with different gemstones and vivid colors. The passion and love that Thai people put in making jewelry make it unique and worth buying.


Handmade Thai Jewelry

Thailand is the best place where one can buy handmade ornaments. The silver piece of art are all made by hand by the local tribe of the Thai people, and it is the best source of earning for them. The jewelry is available throughout Thailand from open-air markets to small gift shops. The substantial growth in the demand for Thai jewelry is only because of the hard work and efforts of Thai people.

Gold Plated Thai Jewelry

Thailand produces a massive proportion of gold plated jewelry. They mostly export this type of jewelry, and it has the most durable plating. In this type of jewelry, a very thin layer of 10k gold is applied to the base of the metal. The makers producing this type of jewelry are known for their exceptional designs and flawless craftsmanship. Just like the silver jewelry gold plated necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, cufflinks, etc. are designed according to the trendy styles and preferences of the customers.

The quality of the gems in Thailand is thoroughly examined by the government and internationally accepted local organizations such as the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the Asian Institute of Gemological Science (AIGS), the Gems and Jewelry Institute of Thailand, etc. Retailing of jewelry is closely supervised according to the Trading rules to give assurity to the customers regarding their quality. Thai jewelry is considered to be the best silver jewelry and is available throughout the world and is adorned by the people of all classes. Nowadays, many online websites are also available, which sells the best Thai jewelry.

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