Best 5 Gift Ideas For Your Mom To Make Mother's Day More Memorable

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Apr 25, 2022
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Best 5 Gift Ideas For Your Mom To Make Mother's Day More Memorable

You cannot put the contribution of a mother to a child’s life into words. From giving birth to teaching alphabets, a mother does it all. She merrily sacrifices the last slice of bread for her child, even if it means she has to sleep hungry. She is the anchor that can keep a sinking ship afloat. She is the silver line behind every dark cloud. How can a day ever be enough to acknowledge her worth or tell her how grateful we are to have her by our side? So don’t hold back - this Mother’s Day, walk the extra mile for your mother to make her feel pampered and special. Read this article where we will discuss the top 5 gift ideas for mom that you can give to bring a smile to her face. We are sure she will love it!

Why does Jewelry make for the perfect gift idea?

Jewelry makes for the best gift for mom. Yet, if you are not convinced with our idea of gifting jewelry, read ahead to check out why we think so;


  1. Women’s jewelry is timeless -

Gifting women’s jewelry is the perfect way to tell your mom that you love and adore her to bits. Just like her love and dedication towards you, do not get over it; the jewelry you give her will never cease to exist. It may tarnish over time, but you can always revive it.
  1. Women’s jewelry is versatile -

In today’s fast-paced world, it is no surprise that fashion enthusiasts have been using the same piece of jewelry in different ways to style a certain outfit. Often, we see models wearing a dainty necklace as a tiara or a pair of hoop bracelets as earrings. It makes gifting jewelry multi-functional; almost like you give one thing, but it has many uses.


  1. Women’s jewelry is an investment -

Gifting jewelry can be quite expensive, but it is also worth every penny you spend. Unlike clothes or other accessories, jewelry will never lose its value. The only trick here is to buy classic pieces or designs that go with various outfits.


  1. Gifting women’s jewelry is thoughtful -

It takes a lot of thought and effort to choose the perfect jewelry for moms. It reflects the intimacy of the bond and shows that you pay attention to her. To be able to buy the right jewelry, one needs to have a proper idea of their mom’s taste.
Mother's day Jewelry

5 Modern Jewelry Gift Ideas For Stylish Mothers:

Now that we are over discussing why jewelry is the best gift for moms, let us quickly find out about the various kinds of jewelry there is. Pick and choose from these according to your mom's preference and style.


  1. A stunning wristwatch -

Time is precious, and so is the presence of our beloved mothers. So, gifting a wristwatch is a sweet way of telling her that you understand her efforts and will stand by her through every hurdle. A watch is an absolute must accessory, especially for a working woman. It saves the trouble of reaching out for the phone to check the time. As an accessory also, it is effective and makes an outfit shine through.


  1. A customized pendant/ a necklace -

Women love necklaces, be they statement or elegant pieces. This piece of women's jewelry never goes out of fashion. What's better? You can give your mom different necklaces for different necklines. Customized pendants are also now available. So, think of a charm, word, or an element that your mom likes and get it in the form of a pendant. Or, you also gift your mom a name chain.

    natural brown tiger's eye 925 sterling silver necklace    925 sterling silver 2.23cts love heart natural yellow citrine necklace    mom heart natural purple amethyst 925 sterling silver necklace  


  1. Cute, stylish, and elegant bracelets -

Bracelets come and go from trends but are an excellent addition to the list. On days when your mom will lack the energy to match her accessory with the outfit, a classic silver bracelet will come to her rescue like no other. It is the one jewelry piece that can elevate your basic hand to a put-together attempt to look alluring.

heart blue arizona mohave turquoise bracelet    natural blue lapis lazuli 925 silver heart bracelet    adjustable blue heart mohave turquoise heart silver bracelet


  1. Lovely drop earrings/ stud -

Earrings are the most versatile piece of jewelry. You can choose anything from studs to drop earrings to hoops depending on what your mother likes or is most likely to wear.

natural orange cornelian (carnelian) silver dangle earrings    heart natural green amethyst 925 sterling silver dangle earrings    heart brown smoky topaz 925 sterling silver dangle earrings


  1. Minimal and sleek rings -

Rings are classy and look extremely chic when it fits well and matches the outfit's vibe. Rings are perfect for daily wear, making it an ideal pick. For mothers who are not much fond of jewelry, rings are a good way of introducing them to women's jewelry.

rainbow moonstone heart silver ring     solitaire natural pink thulite heart shape 925 silver ring    925 silver  moon natural blue labradorite heart ring

Smart Ways To Style These Jewelry Pieces With Different Outfits:


  1. Pair it with Casuals -

Gone are the days when one could only wear jewelry with ethnic outfits. You can now carry a lovely pendant or a diamond stud with denim and shirts.


  1. Pair it with Formals -

The best accessory for any formal outfit is a stunning watch. It looks professional and gives a touch of sophistication to your outfit.


  1. Pair it with ethnic -

Gemstones go best with ethnic outfits, be it in the form of earrings, necklaces, or rings. It adds a pop of color to the outfit and adds the essence of regality.

Mothers are our best friends, and best friends deserve the very best. So, what’s better than spoiling them with some exquisite jewelry pieces? Head out to Gemexi now and find wholesale silver handmade jewelry for moms.

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  • Chanel
    Jul 28, 2022, 5:33:44 AM

    Bracelets are the most ethnic jewelry. I gave my mom a Sterling opal bracelet. Because when she feels tired she can wear it easily.

  • lina
    Nov 25, 2022, 11:49:59 AM

    Jewelry is the best thing that can be gifted to women.

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