How to Clean Silver Jewelry at Home

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  • Posted: Wednesday, February 9, 2022
How to Clean Silver Jewelry at Home

The sparkling silver jewelry always makes for a fantastic choice to be worn and flaunted on various occasions. The affordability factor, availability of enchanting designs, and the aptness to wear to different events have made silver jewelry an inseparable part of fashion. However, like every other piece of jewelry, the silver jewels also need maintenance and cleaning. With time, the silver jewels and other items made of this metal start losing their shine and blacken up. The reason behind this blackening, known as tarnishing, is actually the reaction of silver and air. The darkened or tarnished silver jewels do not look good and must be clean to retain their shine and attraction. The good part is that you can easily clean silver jewelry items at home through simple and easy tips.

Top 8 Tips to Clean Silver Jewelry at Home

If you are looking for easy DIY silver cleaning tips and how to clean silver jewelry items at home with absolutely satisfying results, look no further! Just glance through our below-mentioned eight tips to clean sterling silver at home and get ready to achieve scintillating jewels!

  1. The easiest yet most effective tip of warm water and soap/shampoo –

If you are looking for the most straightforward methods to clean silver jewelry items at home, let us begin with the most prevalent and most accessible tip for jewelry cleaning at home. It would help if you had warm water and mild liquid soap or gentle shampoo for this tip. Take lukewarm water in a bowl and mix the liquid soap in it. Soak your silver jewels in this solution for about 10 minutes. Take them out and scrub the jewels very gently using a soft toothbrush. This step of brush cleaning must be done only when required as general tarnish will go away after keeping the jewels dipped in a soapy water solution. Next, rinse your jewels with warm water and dry them using a good-quality microfiber cloth.

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2. Use the aluminum foil method to clean less-tarnished jewels –

If your silver jewels are not so badly tarnished, you can apply this quick method using aluminum foil. Remember, this method has to be used only for jewels made of silver (without the inclusion of any other metal or gemstones). Take a bowl and carefully line it up with the foil (aluminum). Pour some hot water into the bowl and add a tbsp of detergent (liquid). Soak your jewels in this bowl for a minute. Next, take your accessories out and wash them with warm water. Let them dry on a clean, soft cloth or kitchen towel. You can also use this method for clean silver jewelry, utensils, and cutlery.

3. The fantastic baking soda tip –

Prepare a thick paste using 2/3 baking soda and 1/3 part of water. Apply the paste to your tarnished jewels and let it dry. Wash the jewels with plain water and dry them using a soft cloth to restore the sparkle of your sterling silver jewels.

4. Use the toothpaste method –

One of the most straightforward tips on how to clean jewelry silver at home is to apply the white toothpaste and rub it using a soft-bristled toothbrush. After rubbing and cleaning gently for a minute or so, you should wash the items. You will see instant results in the form of gleaming silver jewels. The remedy also works excellent for stubborn tarnish.

5. Try the ketchup tip to get the sparkle back –

Another tried and tested way to get rid of tarnish from silver items is to use ketchup. If the tarnish is minor, you should use ketchup on a paper towel and apply it to the affected silver item. If the tarnish is more, you should use the ketchup directly on the affected area of your silver accessory. In both cases, let the ketchup stay there for about 10-12 minutes. Afterward, it would help to rub it using a soft towel/toothbrush. You will be amazed to see the tarnish vanish away!

6. Apply the vodka/beer tip for cleaning jewels with more extensive surface areas –

This tip works well for jewels with a larger surface area than chains or rings. Just take a cup of beer or vodka and pour it into a bowl. Let your jewels sit there for about 10 minutes. Now, take them out and clean them using a soft microfiber cloth.

7. Use the lemon water solution to remove stubborn tarnish –

Take a bowl of hot water and add the juice of one lemon to it. Add two tsp of salt to the hot lemon water and mix properly. Let your silver jewels stay in this solution for 5-7 minutes. Take them out and clean them using a good silver jewelry cleaning cloth. It is essential to mention that this tip will give you satisfactory results only when you use a professional silver cleaning cloth in it.

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8. The vinegar solution for perfect results –

Last but not least, the solution of vinegar, baking soda, and water is also a practical DIY silver cleaning tip. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add two tsp of baking soda. Also, add one tsp of vinegar (white) to the baking soda solution. Mix the ingredients well and soak your jewels for almost two hours. Later on, take your jewels out and wash them with plain water.

Dazzling, sparkling, and awe-inspiring—just some words to explain how to clean silver jewelry at home. However, even the foremost gorgeous items will begin to seem dull and dirty as time goes by. If you would like your rings, bracelets, and necklaces to remain wanting pristine, you wish to wash them frequently. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: clean up your silver jewelry reception.

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