How to Sell More of Your Handmade Jewelry on Holiday Season?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Dec 12, 2022
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How to Sell More of Your Handmade Jewelry on Holiday Season?

The holiday season is on with a big bang! The onset of Black Fridayhas ignited customers to go on an uninterrupted shopping spree for the upcoming festivals. It is the right time to make the most out of your business and enjoy the utmost privileges of growing your business in collaboration with your customers. Gemstone Jewelry is one such segment that can offer remarkable results with most of the customers interested in buying jewelry for the upcoming festivals. If you deal in handmade jewelry, this is the best time to maximize your returns with the least effort. 

Beauty and Lure of Handmade Jewelry

While the involvement of technology and machines has made our lives easy and fast, the charm for certain things that are handmade remains unfaded. Handmade jewelry is one such item that is loved and respected worldwide for its unique beauty and fascination. The most interesting part about this jewelry is that it is mostly prepared passionately by local artisans and talented people who are skillful at preparing jewelry with their hands. Using beads, pearls, metals, wires, gemstones and many other elements, these artists incorporate superb jewelry-making skills to present gorgeous and highly attractive handmade jewelry before you. Whether anyone loves wearing handmade earrings, handmade pendants, handmade necklaces, handmade bracelets, or more jewelry items, the wide range of handmade jewelry encompasses fabulous forms and designs that leave you mesmeric! 

While the holiday season brings wonderful opportunities for all of us to enjoy and celebrate, it creates the right time for handmade jewelry artists as they can increase their sales by leaps and bounds during this time. People love to buy handmade jewelry, especially during the festival and holiday season and thus, handmade jewelry sale rises high at this time of the year. Retail or wholesale gemstone jewelry providers can easily maximize their reach and related sales, this holiday season with a little advice to sail through, effortlessly.

Willing to know how to do it?

If yes, first and foremost you need to understand the problem areas that reduce your jewelry sales as a handmade or gemstone jewelry manufacturer. 

So, let’s understand the problem first!

Problem areas reducing the sales of handmade jewelry

Handmade gemstone jewelry is often in high demand across the world and with the onset of the holiday season, there are fair chances of even higher demands. However, making the below-mentioned mistakes can reduce your chances of higher reach and associated sales
  1. As a manufacturer being unaware of the right ways of preparing yourself in advance before the holiday season commences. 
  2. You may fail to create your customer database. 
  3. Your inability to plan your brand promotions, online and offline marketing, messages, emailing, or social media posts handling process.
  4. Unawareness about positioning your jewelry items as giftable items, as well.
  5. Positionng your jewelry brand only as a discounted or low-priced luxury item.
  6. Inability to create the right online presence of your brand in absence of the appropriate setup. 
  7. Inability to understand and create the right market pitch for your brand and products list that motivates and attracts relatable customers during any holiday shopping season.
  8. Overlooking the ways of easy sales making.
  9. Inability to understand the art of creating multiple sales from a single customer.
  10. Mistake of sticking just to the mainstream sales venues and ignoring the other avenues. 
  11. Once the problem is clear in your head, it’s time to head on to the solutions area. 
  12. How to increase your handmade jewelry sales during the holiday season?

Plan and prepare for a successful holiday season

Preparations and planning as per the need and demand of the holiday season is a must if you wish to succeed in reaching your expected sales figure. Right from handling the customers, to managing your inventory, shipping, and other step-by-step procedures, your strategies must be clear and well-planned from the beginning, itself. In order to make your handmade gemstone jewelry connect to the holiday shoppers, you need to be prepared.

Be online ready 

Holiday season shoppers are all over. It’s not just that you need to be present online but keep a well-planned setup for improving your online presence as well. Work on the checkpoints to ensure you are globally reachable and accessible, too.  Right from making the required changes in your website to working on your social media presence, there is a lot to do.

Giftable jewelry items should be focused

The prime mistake most of the jewelry players commit is forbidding their jewelry pieces as gifting items as well. Make sure you stay focused on it. Most of the holiday season shoppers are looking for appropriate gifts for their loved ones and this can be your chance to attract them to the fullest. 

Optimized pricing and special deals will make your special

Do you like discounts or special deals? If yes! Similar is the case with your customers. It’s the holiday season, and it deserves to be topped with special discounts, coupon codes, etc. to woo your customers. This strategy always works wonders! After all, who would not like to shop more while paying less? In short, discounts and special deals always attract customers. Wholesale gemstone jewelry owners should especially focus on it as customers would buy in wholesale quantities from them.

Pricing is another factor that contributes crucially towards attracting a higher number of customers and increasing your sales. Make sure your prices are well-optimized as per your competitors.

Promote your jewelry brand very well 

The holiday season is the best time to maximize your sales scale with scaled-up promotion and marketing tricks. Set up a simplified yet well-strategized holiday marketing calendar to create specific promotion activities on a particular date. Shooting emails to creating social media posts will include everything. Plan your promotional efforts at every step to resonate with the season and your customers, too, and you will surely turn it into an amazing success tool. Handmade gemstone jewelry owners should definitely stay in line with it to help succeed your jewelry brand. 

Customer care is most essential 

Your holiday shoppers are not just looking for mere shopping, but they look forward to an amazing shopping experience which makes a brand’s customer experience an important contributor to it. Customer care is an utmost crucial facet of expanding your jewelry business, especially during the holiday shopping season. Keeping the holiday shopper's perspective in mind, make sure your customer care experiences are planned accordingly. 

Explore the unexplored this Holiday Season.

If you wish to reach an outstanding sales level, it’s very important to stand out in the crowd. This means one should make sure to explore the other avenues to showcase your brand and maximize your sales as compared to the traditional setup that every other seller opts for. There are multiple other platforms and social media formats to promote and sell your jewelry online and offline. 

As a handmade gemstone jewelry manufacturer, make sure to keep the above points in mind. Also, avoid making any of the above-mentioned mistakes by staying prepared and planning in advance. Your customer is the king, make your plans revolve around them, and you are sure to maximize your sales and brand promotions as well.                 

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