How to Boost Handmade Jewelry Sales During the Christmas and News Year?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Dec 20, 2022
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How to Boost Handmade Jewelry Sales During the Christmas and News Year?

Jewelry of all types is the all-time favorite when it comes to dressing up. Well! Then how it can take a backseat when the festive season is just around the corner? With Christmas and New Year almost knocking the door, people are preparing in advance to get festive ready. Handmade jewelry is one of the most famous jewelry types liked by all. Whether its handmade gemstone jewelry or any other type of handmade jewelry, the subtle element of these jewelry types always succeeds to impress. So, if you too are a gemstone jewelry manufacturer looking forward to fortifying your sales this festive season, here is some really worthy piece of advice. Boost your sales with these and do not forget to fulfill your promise of after-sales services to seal your customer association for the longest time. 

Let us get started!

Boosting sales of handmade jewelry made easy

In order to boost your sales, all you got to do is follow some simple yet effective ways to grow your business and stay notable on a global scale. As a wholesale gemstone jewelry, gold, silver, diamond, fashion, pearl, other any other jewelry seller or manufacturer, it is the time to boost your business to the fullest. Do not leave a single stone unturned this Christmas and New Year.


Who does not love offers? Customers are sure to get attracted by special offers that will make their purchase worth. Offer them something attractive and equally credible such that your brand identity remains intact.

Other offers to share with your customers include
  1. Gift Wrap: As a credible brand, you can also offer to give them a complimentary gift wrap to make their purchase even more personalized. Let your customers choose the type of wrapping they want and you are sure to benefit from this relationship-building process.
  2. Special discounts: Offer special discounts to your loyal customers or offer special discount offers to your first-time buyers. This will surely engage them in making a viable purchase.
  3. Codes and coupons: Codes and coupons can be sent to both pitching and existing customers to attract them to your collection and complete their purchases. No one can resist the chance of saving some money. 

Make use of social media platforms to the fullest

Social media platforms are the best place to get yourself promoted and popularized. Make optimum utilization of your social media platforms to showcase all your products and create the highest reach, online. Use news and ad feeds across other related social media platforms as well to maximize your reach and attract higher traffic. 

Use colors as per the season

Colors are always a part of every festive season. Make functional use of color specialized to every season. Christmas is the season of red color. Creating your jewelry pieces in hues of red can be an amazing way to recreate the magic of jewelry this Christmas. Try mixing and matching different colors to match the expectations of your customers and you are sure to upscale your purchase. For your new year collection, use a combination of sparkling colors to attract more and more buyers. 

Email marketing 

Email marketing is gaining quite high importance when it comes to reaching out to the maximum number of people ona global scale. It is also the best way to educate and make people aware about your range of products, brands, collections, discount offers, etc. Get personalized emailers dropped right in the inbox of your existing and prospective customers by building a robust customer database. This will surely help in exploring the customers around and on global grounds, as well.

Share contact information

Make sure to share your contact information with every purchase a buyer makes with you or while reaching out to people via emails or any other mode. This could be done by slipping a business card, creating tags, or labeling with details, stamping the package, etc. All you got to do is make their reach easy by giving them your contact details, email id, etc. so that customers can easily get in touch and explore your range of products hassle-free.

Delivery and shipping dates cutoff

Customers prefer buying only from the brands that offer timely delivery. Make sure your promised dates are retained, without failure, if you wish to retain your brand. Quote your delivery dates carefully and make sure to adhere to the same to avoid customers turning back after their first purchase. Secondly, as it is the festive season, customers would prefer getting a shipping date cutoff to make sure their parcel reaches within the right time schedule. Decide to offer the right date cutoffs so that planning and arrangements can be done in advance. 

Go blogging 

Share as much information about your brand and league of products as much as you can. Create enough information online so that customers can directly extract useful information from therein. Blogging is the best way to share information and other details concerning your product line and special range of handmade jewelry as per a particular festive season. Create interesting blogs to impress and inform your customers to attract them to your brand. Share the blog link on your website and other social media platforms for highest reachability.

Offer the best customer service

Customer service is one of the best things when it comes to making your business flourish. If your customers are happy, you are sure to foster better results in your business. Use the same for your handmade jewelry as well. Do not forget to offer class apart customer service to your customers even post-purchase. If your services are good, you will surely create a loyal customer in the longer run. The unentertained services and post-sales put away customers from returning to the brands. Nobody likes to buy from a brand that has zero customer service. However, they would prefer buying even at higher prices if the customer services are great.

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Be your own billboard

Customize your ways of showcasing your jewelry. It does not always need physical showcasing or billboard show-ups. You can be your own billboard! Yes! You heard it right! Click and share pictures of your handmade jewelry online. Right from sharing pictures of your customers wearing your pieces to your relatives wearing them or even you yourself clicking a fan moment with your own creation is  a wonderful way to customize showcasing. This will directly appeal the customer and create an emotional connect with them. En-cash this opportunity to the fullest and share as much candid snaps on your social media handles as you can.

These are some of the most wonderful ways to promote your brand on a global scale. Add the spice of emotional connect and customization along with the wide variety of designs and collection you have in store. Create emotional connects and benefit plans for your customer and they are surely to reach you. Make your attempts to impress and serve them better than your competitors and none of your customers can skip your store. Enjoy the festive season to the fullest and make your customers enjoy them too with your amazing handmade jewelry collection. No matter whether you specialize in handmade gemstone jewelry, silver or gold, fashion jewelry or any other type of jewelry, the above points will surely work for all.

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