All you need to know before buying a Hiddenite

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  • Updated On Aug 26, 2022
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All you need to know before buying a Hiddenite

The tradition of jewelry used for beautification has not arrived in recent times rather. This tradition has arrived from primeval times. Our ancestors have made use of various materials like bones, wood, metals, and stones to make various kinds of pieces of jewelry. In recent times, there has been a wide usage of hiddenite in jewelry, not only for the very purpose of beautification rather. It has arrived to be in use for various astrological purposes.

What is hiddenite?

A hiddenite may be known as a pale to emerald green variety of spodumene which is used as a gemstone in various cases. The very first specimens of hiddenite as a variety of spodumene were discovered near the tiny settlement of White Plains, on the west of Stony Point, Alexander County in the state of North Carolina.

Various properties of hiddenite

 Hiddenite may be termed as a variety of Spodumene. Hiddenite arrives in colors like yellow and green and often it arrives to be colorless. This greenish yellow gem is a lithium aluminum silicate mineral which is many a time pleochroic. An individual or a person must know about Hiddenite Gemstone if he or she desires to buy pieces of jewelry made of Hiddenite gemstone.

Various usage of Hiddenite Gemstone

 Hiddenite as a gemstone is used for the reception of wisdom and knowledge from the higher realms to enrich life experiences. This specific gemstone allows the wearer to enjoy a deeper, meaningful, and enlightened existence. This desired gemstone aids in promoting spiritual reflection and helps in gaining insight into life, people, and the world around us. There is a rich history and lore about the gemstone termed Hiddenite.
 Hiddenite aids in recognition of your strength as well as weaknesses so that it can be enhanced as well as improved on the part of the wearer. Hiddenite also helps the wearer to be relieved from the feelings of failure and inadequacy. It aids in the removal of unhealthy attachments to various material and meaningless pursuits. Hiddenite is known for the protection of aspects of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental issues during harsh times. If a certain person is feeling weak as well as vulnerable, hiddenite helps in the protection of the person from unwanted as well as unwelcomed external forces.

Healing properties of Hiddenite as a gemstone

 By wearing a Hiddenite ring and a Hiddenite pendant, a specific individual or a person can recover from various addictions. Hiddenite aids in the process of detoxification and purification as well. This specific gemstone has quite a soothing effect on the heart, and it is also used for the treatment of various heart-related ailments. It also helps in the boosting of the endocrine as well as the circulatory system. A Hiddenite gemstone is also used for the treatment of pulmonary and dermatological disorders. 

It relieves pain connected with rheumatology and also acts as a healer of violent mood swings, stress, and other mental disorders like anxiety.

Use of Hiddenite in love and relationships

 Hiddenite is also known or considered as the stone for love. It is known for symbolizing sensual as well as unconditional love. If a person is in a relationship, he or she will enjoy various passionate as well as sensual moments with their loved ones. A hiddenite can aid the desired person if he or she is facing various challenges in their married life. Hiddenite aids in the promotion of a healthy sense of self-love in the desired relationship as well.

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Discovery of Hiddenite

Where is Hiddenite found? It is an important question related to the history as well as the discovery of Hiddenite. The discovery of Hiddenite occurred in the year 1879 during W.E.Hidden’s expedition to North Carolina for a trip that was dedicated to finding platinum for Thomas Edison’s light bulb. The pragmatic purpose of this expedition transformed into an adventure as well as an aesthetic result. Hidden found a green-toned spodumene variety and the locals named this gemstone Hiddenite after W.E. Hidden. In addition to the state of North Carolina, Hiddenite is generally found in countries like China, Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Madagascar. The color and clarity of Hiddenite are transparent to a light yellow, into a greenish yellow, and then into deep yellow emerald green.

Things to be kept in mind while buying Hiddenite stone

There are several Dos and Don’ts for Hiddenite Jewelry. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while we buy Hiddenite jewelry. The physical properties need to be noted when we buy Hiddenite jewelry. The color of this gemstone needs to be colorless, light green, deep green as well as greenish yellow. 

The luster of this gemstone is vitreous, and it arrives to be transparent. The fluorescence manifests yellow, orange, red, or pink under the long wave and the short wave UV. Ample time should be given while we are buying this gemstone. There are numerous fake sellers of this Hiddenite gemstone, and we need to focus on the desired physical properties while we are on the way to buying this specific kind of gemstone or jewelry like hiddenite rings and hiddenite pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and many more.


 Hiddenite cut and Green Hiddenite rough cut is widely available for the making of various pieces of jewelry in the market in recent times. This specific gemstone is used in a wide manner for the making of various beautiful jewelry, worn for both the purposes of beautification as well as for serving various purposes of astrology. This gemstone may be known as one of the most beautiful naturally occurring gemstones having varied uses.

Gemexi is known to be one of the largest as well as the most genuine sellers of Hiddenite and Hiddenite-based jewelries not only in India but also across different parts of the globe. They provide authentic gemstones both for astrological as well as beautification purposes.

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