5 Things to Know About Fordite Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Jun 24, 2021
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5 Things to Know About Fordite Jewelry

When we think of gemstones, we tend to think of the stones that have naturally been made formed inside the earth after years of evolution. It is true that most well-known gemstones form naturally, but there are some which have been man-made too. Sometimes they are accidentally created, sometimes jewelry experts plan and process to create a new gemstone.

Fordite is a man-made gemstone that can easily pass off as a natural stone. Its vivid colors, asymmetric lines, and vibrant look make it a much sought-after jewelry item. In fact, Fordite jewelry is quite popular and worn for every kind of occasion - be it formal or casual. So, what’s special about Fordite silver jewelry? What makes it different? In this article, we shall share some facts about Fordite jewelry that you didn’t know. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

5 Interesting Facts About Fordite Stone Jewelry

  1. Accidental Innovation

In the 1920s, when the automobile industry was still at a nascent stage, cars were painted using the hand-spraying technique. This would speed up the process, but the overspray would accumulate around the paint bay, forming layers. Over time, these accumulated paint stains would be put inside the oven (the same ones which were used to cure the car paints). They would be baked several times over. Since these paint clumps caused problems in vehicle assembly, they were removed by factory workers. Soon, it was realized that the accumulation and baking process gave the paint a hard surface and a shiny exterior that could be used in jewelry making if treated with care.

The factory workers realized that these accumulated paint strays could be passed off as gemstones and started salvaging them more seriously. The trial and error method found out that to build a 1-inch fordite slag, it must have 997 layers of paint. So, the process of ‘creating’ fordite started. Interesting, isn’t it?
  1. How It Got Its Name

You would be wondering how Fordite got its name. Actually, if you observe carefully, the clues are hidden within the name itself. It gets its name from the Ford Motor Company, where it was first ‘invented.’ This happened in Ford’s Michigan factory in the 1940s. Though that’s how it got its name, today, it refers to any gemstone that is formed through paint slag made in any automotive factory. An interesting thing to observe about Fordite is that during the 1960s and 70s, Fordites that were available in the market were bright and colorful. That’s because, during that period, there was a heavy demand for colorful cars. In comparison, Fordite from the earlier period had more muted hues.
  1. Limited Supply

Today you will not easily find Fordite stone jewelry, and that’s because it is in limited supply. From the 1980s, automobile manufacturers stopped the hand-spraying technique and moved to the advanced electrostatic process, which leaves almost no overspray. Since there is no paint buildup, Fordite’s supply is low. Whatever is available in the market is from the lot that is being collected from old factories.
  1. Available as Different Types

Initially, when Fordite was only formed in the Ford Motor Company, there was a similarity in the color and hues of the stone formed. But as time passed and paint overspray was salvaged from other automobile companies, its variety started diversifying. Over time, different groups for the stone were formulated. If one focused on the gray branding of primer that separates the other colored layers, then another grouping identified with the degree of each color hue. Yet another grouping distinguishes opaque and metallic paints, drippings, striped layers, and so on.
  1. Upscaled Designs is in Vogue Now

The exciting story behind Fordite’s innovation is the reason why it is popular even today. Moreover, its beautiful and colorful designs easily attract customers. In fact, there is a sizeable demand for beautiful custom fordite jewelry. Fortunately, online gems and jewelry stores like Gemexi display a good collection which one can buy at affordable rates. Jewelry enthusiasts agree that Fordite gemstone in silver jewelry is like a combination made for each other. The shine of silver coupled with the exuberance of Fordite makes it a perfect combination.

If you are looking for Fordite large sterling silver jewelry, your search ends with Gemexi. Here you will find some of the best quality Fordite that’s still available in the market.

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  • sheana
    Sep 7, 2022, 6:10:39 AM

    Fordite jewelry gives funky look to everyone. The shine of silver coupled with the exuberance of Fordite makes it a perfect combination.

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