Alabaster - a Stone of Serenity

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Alabaster - a Stone of Serenity

Believed to be connected with the spirituality, Alabaster works in a wonderful manner which makes the wearer spiritual or attracts the things of spirit. Well known for the soaking quality, Alabaster has the potent to absorb the power of the other charm that is carried along or worn with it. That’s why it becomes a crystal which is comprised of two powers.

Physical Healing Properties

Well known for its amazing properties, Alabaster cures the wearer from the problems that are related to the painful joints, lack of concentration, headache, stress, strain and tension. It is too branded to alleviate the hormonal inequality in the owner’s body.

Psychologically, it is too accepted that this charm prevents the carrier from the outpouring of anger and emotions. This gem piece is too utilized for easing the nervousness and anxiety.

Well composed of the powerful purifying effect, Alabaster cleanses the nervous system of its holder. Some of the valuable traits of this gemstone controls the anger and diminishes the temper of the carrier.

Emotional Healing Properties

The pure form of transparency, Alabaster is symbolizes for its purity. It is also employed for motivating the feeling of calmness and peace. The strong energies of this crystal are used for enhancing the flexibility. It allows the owner to be more adaptable. It is well comprised of the effective powers that allow its owner to fight against the stress, offer the inner harmony and heal the inner harmony.

Majorly this gemstone is employed for lowering down the fear of its owner and assists him in resolving the problems and disturbance. It is also known as a safeguard crystal that teaches its carrier how to grow powerful and to be calm.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

Alabaster crystal is known to stimulate the Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra. In the process of inspiring the Root Chakra that lies at the bottom of the spine, the Alabaster crystal is kept on the lower back of the patient.

Spiritual Healing Properties

When the meditation is done with Alabaster gemstone, the owner expands the capability to forgive the others. It too inspires the positivity when it is utilized at home. It is also considered that if its owner wear this charm, a peaceful light begins the nurturing the torso of its carrier. It is also known as an amazing healing charm for all the psychological disorders.

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