5 hair care treatments for you. Information Exposed.

By Gemexi Team | Hair and Beauty
  • Updated On Mar 20, 2020
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5 hair care treatments for you. Information Exposed.

These days hair care forms a very important point of discussion if it is about beauty and other related issues. With expensive products like hair balms and serums, the agenda of hair care can get a little taxing and overwhelming. Here are 5 simple ways for your hair care.

Let your hair dry naturally

Use of blow dryers and other artificial ways to dry your wet hair is not good. It weakens the roots of the hair resulting in considerable hair loss.


Avoid too much shampooing

Shampoos are good to cleanse all the dirt out of your hair scalp. It also removes the natural oil from your hair. But too much shampooing may cause loss of hair color. Now obviously frequent coloring will be more damaging.


Give your hair a vinegar rinse

After you use a shampoo, condition your hair with the conditioner that suits your hair texture. In the end, you can simply pour apple cider vinegar in the bucket and pour the water on your head. The vinegar will leave your hair soft, smooth and shining.


Go easy with the hot tools

Avoid too much use of hot tools like an ironing machine or maybe a blow dryer. It simply spoils your hair.


Oil your hair

Be it coconut or olive oil, oil your hair before shampooing to get silky and soft hair afterward.


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